5 Things to Look for in Pet-Friendly Apartment Buildings

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If you’re considering looking to rent in pet-friendly apartment buildings for you and your furry friend, there are a few things to look for. The rules of the rental are important if you own a dog. Talking to other tenants can give you an idea of what to expect when renting a space with a pet. It is also beneficial to find out if the building offers grooming services or boarding. If your pet has specific needs, find out how much the pet-friendly apartment will cost per month.

5 Things to Look for in Pet-Friendly Apartment Buildings

Breed restrictions

The reason behind breed restrictions when looking for pet friendly apartments for rent in Denver is to protect residents from potentially dangerous or aggressive breeds. These restrictions prevent dog attacks and bites in apartment communities. It can be difficult to identify certain breeds visually. Pit bulls, for instance, look very similar to other breeds, including Labrador retrievers. If you own a pit bull, you may have trouble finding a rental that allows them.

The first step in getting an apartment with a dog is to speak to the landlord about your pet. Do not try to hide your pet or ignore the problem. Instead, make your case openly and respectfully. Explain to the landlord that you have a well-behaved and trained dog. You could suggest an interview to show the landlord that your dog does not pose a safety risk. If they say no, you can always try to convince them.

City Centre Apartment Privacy | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Exercise area

Dogs need exercise, too, and many pet-friendly apartment communities have a dog park on-site, or at least a dog run. Dogs aren’t the only pets who need exercise; many of them are sociable, and they need plenty of space to run off their energy. A dog park gives both owners and their pets a chance to get out and explore their new surroundings. And, since dogs tend to live in apartment complexes, it can also save you a lot of money on the lease.

However, a pet-friendly apartment does come with a price tag. Your normal rent may not cover the extra expenses incurred by your pet. You will need to check the landlord’s pet policy, which will outline any special requirements for pet owners. Be sure to read the policy carefully before signing a lease for a pet-friendly apartment. Also, keep in mind that a pet-friendly apartment is likely to have a different pet policy than other apartment communities.

Dog Boarding

Before renting a pet-friendly apartment, you should look at the pet rules of the building. If you live in a multifamily building, for example, you should know that you can bring a maximum of two dogs to the complex. However, this number can vary between complexes. Before moving in, make sure to ask the leasing agent for any rules regarding your pet. It is also important to understand what the pet rent will be.

Before moving in, introduce your dog or cat to the landlord. Tell them about the type of pet you have and its personality. Give him or her his vaccination and spay/neuter records. Include information about any behavioral issues your pet might have. While some buildings and co-ops allow pets, some require a pet profile and may charge you a pet licensing fee. However, if you have an apartment in a building that allows pets, make sure to read all the pet rules to avoid letting the dog or cat inside.

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Grooming services

Pets can make apartment living more convenient, but they can also be time-consuming. If you’re going on vacation, pet-care tasks can become especially stressful. To help you cope with pet-related challenges, apartment communities have adopted many amenities for pet owners, including dog walking, pet boarding, and pet-sitting. By using these amenities, you can take better care of your pets and save time, too.

If you’re looking for a place with a posh atmosphere and a pet-friendly atmosphere, you can opt for an urban setting. The Barclay Tower in Lower Manhattan offers an on-site pet-grooming service for residents’ pets. The pet-friendly amenities at this luxury residential building cater to residents’ preferences and needs. This is also a great option if you’re looking for a place that welcomes dogs and cats.


Pet-friendly apartment buildings have many rules that you should follow when it comes to bringing your pet into the property. Many will not allow “bully breeds” and some even place a weight limit of 20 to 50 pounds. While this is a controversial topic among pet owners, it is a good practice for apartments and helps make the property safer for both pets and people. Giant breed dogs simply will not thrive in a small apartment.

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You must first determine whether or not the stairs in your pet-friendly apartment are safe for your dog. Dogs, like cats, need to be able to run around freely. If your dog needs to be indoors all day long, stairs can pose a danger to his or her health. Also, be sure to check how much sunlight is available for your pet. And remember that if you have a pet, you should prepare to pay pet fees and security deposits.

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