How To Choose Between A Flat Iron and A Straightening Brush

How To Choose Between A Flat Iron and A Straightening Brush

For decades, flat irons have been the go-to hair straightening tools until the emergence of hair straightening brushes. While all flat irons look the same, hair straightening brushes have different shaped brushes.

If you are wondering whether to use a flat iron or a straightening brush to curl or straighten your hair, I’ve got you covered.  In this article, I will take you through the differences between the two and which is one is the best. Before getting into the differences, let’s define them. 

Flat Irons

How To Choose Between A Flat Iron and A Straightening Brush

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The common V-shaped flat iron has been in use for decades. While the V-shape has remained constant, the features constantly change, addressing some of their major downsides. 

Flat irons have two plates between the prongs made of either ceramic, titanium, or ionic. The ceramic flat irons are the most popular as they heat evenly and are cheaper. Ionic plates are ideal for damaged hair, while titanium plates are best for coarse hair. 

When selecting a flat iron, consider your hair care regimen and texture. Go with a ceramic flat iron if you want a flat iron for every other day use and a titanium flat iron for a once-a-week straightening regimen. 

Hair Straightening Brushes

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A hair straightening brush is another straightening tool. Unlike flat irons that have two prongs that press and heat the hair, straightening brushes have heated bristles. The bristles are made of silicone or nylon. 

As the name suggests, straightening brushes resemble a brush. Some have a rotating brush, while others have a dual rotation brush that spins backward or forward. 

The best thing with a straightening brush is that the tool straightens, detangles, and makes the hair shiny in just one pass.

However, don’t confuse hair straightening brushes with hair dryer brushes. Hair dryer brushes are primarily for blow-drying. While they are also be used for straightening hair, they are not as good as straightening brushes. Check out review of flat irons by BabyBliss. 

Difference between Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners

1. The major difference between a flat iron and a hair straightening brush is how they work. 

To use a flat iron, turn it on and place a section of your hair between the heated plates and slowly pull.  The hair is heated as you pull the flat iron, breaking down the hydrogen bonds that connect keratin. When these bonds become weak, the hair strands change their shape, letting you straighten and curl the strands as you want.  

Straightening brushes work the same way but don’t heat the hair directly like a flat iron (one of their major benefits). Since they are like a regular hairbrush, they detangle the hair as you brush, and there is no snuggling and tugging. 

2. Flat irons often heat to higher temperatures, unlike hair straighteners, making them the perfect choice for coarse, thick, and curly hair. On the other hand, straightening brushes are great for normal and thinning hair. If your hair is easy to straighten, consider a hair straightener. 

3. Flat irons are often faster than straightening brushes since they heat faster. They are also cheaper than straightening brushes.

4. Because a flat iron presses the hair together, it doesn’t add volume to the hair like a straightening brush. This makes straightening brushes ideal for people with thin and fine hair as they boost the hair volume. On the other hand, if you want pin-straight hair, a flat iron is the best option for you.  

5. Flat irons produce more heat, that’s why they are not good for daily usage. Also, you can easily burn your fingers, hair, or scalp, especially when the temperature is set too high. You can use a straightening brush more often. 

6. It’s pretty hard to work on the ends with a straightening brush as the hairs tend to slide away. 

7. Flat iron should only be used on dry hair, while a straightening brush should be used on towel-dried hair.

Wrapping up

Flat iron and straightening brushes are the most popular hair straightening and curling tools. To decide whether you should use a flat iron or a straightening brush, consider the above differences and choose one that suits your unique needs. Don’t forget to apply heat protectant spray before using any of them to protect your hair against heat. 

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