Is It Possible to Eliminate Your Dark Circles?

Most people have a bad habit of staying up too late and then regretting it the next morning when their alarm goes off. You get up to start your day and realize that you look like you only slept about 5 minutes. Your eyes are puffy and you have the dreaded dark circles under both of your eyes. When you find yourself in this position you will likely start to wonder “How to get rid of dark circles?”. 

Habits You Need to Develop to Avoid Dark Circles

There are certain habits that you can start to develop from this point on that will help you to avoid having dark circles under your eyes altogether…

Get a Full Nights Sleep

You should be sleeping at a minimum of 8 hours every night. Anything less than that and you are running the risk of having to suffer through the next day with dark circles under your eyes.

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Never Go to Bed Without Washing Your Face

Always wash your face! When you go to bed with a dirty face you run the risk of developing an irritation that could cause you to wake with tired and swollen eyes. 

Elevate Your Head When You Sleep

Make sure to elevate your head when you are sleeping so that fluid we not build up under your eyes. This will also help with sinus drainage for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Use Moisturizer & Sunscreen Daily

Using moisturizer and sunscreen every day will ensure that your skin under your eyes stays hydrated and healthy. This will make it harder for dark circles to appear. 

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Products To Use To Cover Up Dark Circles

While you are developing these new habits, you will need a solution to cover up your dark circles in the meantime. 

Caffeine Eye Products

The first thing you will want to do is apply some eye product under your eyes that contain caffeine. These products normally come in the form of a cream, a stick, or a serum. The caffeine helps to increase the circulation of blood to the area it is applied to. This helps to lighten and brighten your skin making you appear to be more well rested.


After you use the caffeinated eye product you will want to grab some concealer and dap a bit onto the dark circles if they are still noticeable. Then take a sponge and blend the concealer until you can not see the outline of where you applied it. Start with a small amount of concealer. You can always add more.

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Setting Powder

If you use the concealer you will want to make sure to use a setting powder so that it will stay in place and look more natural. Take a brush and spread a thin layer of setting powder over the concealer.


If you still feel like your eyes look tired you can take a small brush a place a dab of highlighter on all the corners of your eyes. This will help to brighten your eyes and make you appear more rested. 

Here’s to a Future Free of Dark Circles

Now you have all the information you need to not have to leave your house looking exhausted ever again. Make sure that you start to form better habits that will help you avoid getting dark circles altogether. You should go ahead and invest in a caffeinated eye product though just in case so that you will be ready if you have a rough night and are not able to get a good night’s sleep. Making sure you are prepared will make sure that your future is free of dark circles. 

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