A Detailed Guide to Concession Trailers for Food Businesses

A Detailed Guide to Concession Trailers for Food Businesses | Food Business | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Are you thinking about expanding your food business? Have you considered investing in a concession trailer? These trailers have become a profitable venture for every restaurant owner looking to grow its business. 

Operating a food truck is more affordable than running a sit-down restaurant. It also provides a myriad of opportunities for experimentation in terms of location and menus. Since the trailer itself is the largest investment, businessmen should be careful when choosing a model. The size, style, power requirements, layout, and storage space are only a few factors to be given some thought. 

A Detailed Guide to Concession Trailers for Food Businesses 1

Have a look at the benefits of concession trailers for food businesses and some tips for choosing the best one.

How to choose one?

There is a myriad of considerations for individuals to factor in when choosing a concession trailer, ranging from the size of the vehicle and its power requirements to its construction materials and durability. When selecting the size of the trailer, you should not only consider the current situation of your food business but also your plans for the future. 

For instance, if your plan involves expansion, there are two alternatives for you to choose from. One of the alternatives involves purchasing a small-size trailer and selling it later once your business has a chance to expand. The other alternative means investing in a large vehicle right from the beginning, especially if you are certain in your business projections. 

In order to operate a mobile concession trailer, you’d need both power and water. Therefore, buyers should pay special attention to the power requirements and plumbing regulations. When it comes to power, you are supposed to check the types of outlets and the power of the circuit board. Even on the busiest days, when you are using the lights, wifi, payment card reader and all the cooking appliances, the board should be able to handle the power requirements. 

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Nevertheless, buyers are also advised to consider the use of an independent power source. When traveling from one location to another to cater to different events, you’ll come across voltage variations. The power options might be unreliable, which increases the risk of a power outage. The only way to avoid losing power in the course of an event is by having a high-quality generator to use as a backup. Read here about the types of power outages and the protection of power systems from outages. 

Apart from following the power requirements, buyers are also expected to adhere to the plumbing regulations imposed by the local health department. The concession trailer you purchase is supposed to meet all the requirements, such as having a hand-washing sink and a three-well sink for dish sanitization. You will need separate tanks for fresh, waste, and hot water, which is why these vehicles should be large enough to fit them all. 

Moreover, the styles and types of concession trailers are also worth the attention. These vehicles are available in an array of styles like v-nose, gooseneck, and trolley trailers. The choice of style is usually determined by the hookup, business location, and appearance. 

In contrast, the type of trailer is usually influenced by the food you will be serving. Consequently, food business owners can choose between pizza, barbeque, bar, dessert, and smoker trailers. The food you’ll prepare for customers has a tremendous influence on the layout and equipment of such trucks. The vehicle should accommodate the necessary equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, fryer areas, smoker equipment, etc. 

Another factor to consider is the construction materials, particularly those used in the interior of the concession trailer. The materials should be easy to clean, sanitary, and durable, which is why stainless steel is one of the best options. Other materials used on the inside are vinyl, linoleum, aluminum, etc. The following link, https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/rooms-and-spaces/floors/the-pros-and-cons-of-linoleum-flooring, explains the pros and cons of linoleum flooring. 

The floor plan of your concession trailer should provide enough space for all the equipment you need for your food business, as well as be adapted to your food preparation process. It’s important for buyers to make a list of all the items they need to include in their trailers, such as refrigeration units, cabinets, concession equipment, empty counter space, sinks, storage space, cash register, ventilation, fire suppression system, a serving window, etc. 

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Once you have a list of all necessary items, you are supposed to visualize the food preparation and serving process. The layout of the trailer should ensure the employees move throughout it effortlessly, which helps customers receive their orders sooner than expected. The sinks and storage units should be placed conveniently in order not to hinder the food preparation process. 

The storage space of concession trailers should be large enough to help you run an efficient food business. When choosing your storage capabilities, pay attention to the food you will be serving, along with the number of customers. The ultimate goal is for your customers to be fed and content with the service. 

The ultimate choice to make is deciding whether to purchase a used or a brand new concession trailer. Both alternatives provide buyers with specific perks. For instance, used trailers are more affordable and convenient for food business owners. These vehicles come with installed equipment, which means you will save both time and money on purchasing and installing new equipment. 

Given the low price of used concession trailers, most individuals do not have to take a bank loan. Starting a business with no debt is of great importance for everyone who decides to set up a food business of this kind. Additionally, when buying such a vehicle from an individual, you are likely to gain useful advice and get familiar with the history of the truck. Nevertheless, make sure to choose a trustworthy seller so as not to get tricked into buying a faulty vehicle. 

New concession trailers, on the other hand, are much pricier to purchase, but they offer a set of special benefits.  For instance, buyers are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty, covering the cost of repairs for a given period. Conversely, used vehicles usually come with no warranty, as it’s no longer valid. Also, by purchasing a new model, you’ll be able to come up with a layout that fits your space requirements instead of complying with the layout of another person. 

Benefits of concession trailers for food business expansion

Food concession trailers have become an attractive business venture for restaurant owners interested in expansion. Many business owners hesitate whether to open another sit-down restaurant because of the high investment costs. Nevertheless, food trucks are a perfect way of expanding your food business without worrying about the initial investment. 

When compared to sit-down restaurants, concession trailers require a much lower budget, as the highest cost is the purchase of the vehicle itself. This investment is much cheaper than buying a venue or paying monthly rent. The money you will save on this aspect can be invested in marketing or the creation of an appealing menu. 

Probably the greatest benefit of starting a food truck business is not being linked to a single location. Your mobile food business provides you with an opportunity to test different locations and appeal to various types of target audiences. Whenever you feel that the chosen location does not provide the expected sales, all you need to do is move to another location. Needless to say, this opportunity for relocation isn’t feasible for brick-and-mortar restaurants. 

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Another benefit of opening a food truck business is the possibility for owners to cater for special events. You will be able to attend local markets, fairs, shows, and other types of community events, which represent a lucrative opportunity. By taking part in social gatherings, you will increase your local presence and boost the return on your investment. In order to participate in some of these local events, you’ll be obliged to pay a fee. Nevertheless, it is a small price to pay for the opportunity to promote your new business. 

Food truck owners are capable of experimenting with new menus, which isn’t the case with sit-down restaurants. The menus of food trucks are much shorter, allowing owners to eliminate and introduce new meals on a regular basis. The customers don’t mind trying different meals, as they expect these businesses to be creative. The introduction of new meals will help you assess the opinion of customers and see if some of these meals are worth introducing in your brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Moreover, concession trailers take the role of mobile billboards, thus aiding the advertising campaign of food businesses. It’s paramount for the logo and name of your company to be included on the vehicle for people to see them when you drive through different locations. Keep in mind that this type of marketing is completely free. 

Last but not least, food trucks are an excellent idea for serving customers in the late hours. Plenty of people crave a bite after spending hours dancing in a nightclub or when coming home from work. 

Final word

These trailers are an excellent solution for expansion. 

Try your luck!

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