6 Convenient Ways To Make The Ideal Cup Of Coffee

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6 Convenient Ways To Make The Ideal Cup Of Coffee | Food & Drink | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

There’s something magical about starting the day with a hot cup of homebrewed coffee that makes everyone happy and energised. Nowadays, this popular beverage has become a point of constant innovation, and we have almost an infinite number of options to prepare this delicious beverage, depending on how much-undivided attention and time we can place to the preparation process. 

6 Convenient Ways To Make The Ideal Cup Of Coffee | Food & Drink | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

This is why we want to show you 6 convenient ways to make the ideal cup of coffee so you can experiment and choose your favourite option.


Aeropress is a fantastic way to prepare a delicious cup of coffee and has gained a lot of popularity amongst coffee enthusiasts due to how easy and fast it is to set up. The kit includes the chamber, filter cap, plunger, stirrer, paper filters, and coffee scoop to help you measure how much coffee you want to place into the chamber. The ideal way to prepare your Aeropress before use is to drizzle the filter with warm water to help with the filtering process while plunging. You may need to taste the final results and add extra water to taste since it produces a concentrated coffee with clean, smooth, and rich flavours.


Do you prefer a pour-over method to brew your coffee? Usually, these methods require a medium-coarse to medium coffee grind size, since there’s a higher contact time that affects the final taste.  Chemex gives the perfect field for experimentation to find the proper ratio between coffee grind size and water if you want to prepare about three cups of coffee and don’t mind waiting to get the best results. We advise you to not pour water right in the middle or around the borders of the filter and if the water starts to pile up, let it drip down before continuing pouring. 

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French Press

Sometimes you don’t want to experiment and instead, wish to go for a classic route. The traditional french press may be one of the most recognizable methods for brewing coffee since it follows a basic process with hot water, a glass beaker, and a plunger. Whether you prefer to immediately prepare your coffee or preheat the cup with hot water for a few minutes and discard it before adding the coarsely grounded coffee, you can still get a lot of room for improvement. A fun fact most people may not know: The french press actually originated from Italy!

Turkish Coffee Pot

If you’re looking for a strong black coffee with thick, frothy foam, you can test your brewing skills using a Turkish coffee pot called a cezve. What sets the Turkish coffee pot aside from other coffee brewing methods is that you measure the amount of water you add to the cups you’ll be serving. In theory, you can also use a regular saucepan for this method if you’re okay with not having the foam. You’ll also need a medium roast, powdery-fine coffee ground, and the rule of thumb is to use a tablespoon for each serving you’re preparing. 

Espresso Machine

If you’re able to treat yourself and invest in an espresso machine, you won’t regret the incredible coffee you’ll brew every morning. Even if at first they can intimidate beginners with its features, nowadays there are plenty of options to suit different budgets and levels of expertise. If you choose a manual espresso machine, the key is to practice and let the engine warm-up for 15-20 minutes before use. Otherwise, you just need to press some buttons with an automatic machine and wait until your coffee is ready.

Moka Pot

Also known as a stovetop espresso maker, it’s the perfect companion for those who cannot afford a classic espresso machine but want to start their day with an energized caffeinated espresso shot. The process requires about 3-5 minutes to complete, and since you need to place the pot over the stovetop, it will require your undivided attention to avoid spoiling the coffee with a subpar extraction. 

6 Convenient Ways To Make The Ideal Cup Of Coffee 1

Regardless of your preferences, you can still enjoy testing and experimenting with different coffee roasts and see what type of results you yield each time. The great thing about coffee is that you can obtain a wide variety of flavours and smells depending on the coffee bean’s origin, so feel free to browse around your local shops and ask for recommendations. There are only a few things in life that can compare to a nice cup of well-made coffee, and what can be better than having the right equipment at home to prepare it yourself?

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