Building A Homely Home Office

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Building A Homely Home Office | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

If you’ve found yourself working from home as a result of the pandemic, you are not alone. While the first challenge was to create a functional working environment, the fact that you need the room for the long haul means you must now look to improve it. Injecting a homely vibe without sacrificing productivity is the answer.

Building A Homely Home Office 1

Thankfully, the transformation can occur without requiring wholesale changes. Use the following checklist for guidance, and you won’t go far wrong.

Let There Be Light

Improved lighting is one of the greatest changes you could ever implement. Aside from making the room look bigger, the added brightness can encourage you to stay alert. So, as well as increasing the homely vibe, it can actively boost your productivity levels too. 

Dressing the windows to encourage increased natural light is a great starting point while LED spotlights and touch lamps can be used to great effect too. Hanging a large mirror is another very popular method for using light to your advantage. It also brings personality to the room.

If nothing else, improved lighting can help protect your eyes from the damaging blue light of spending long times in front of your screen.

Save Floor Space

The office environment is one in which you want to feel free. Any overcrowded or claustrophobic feelings will distract and disrupt you. Opting for paperless tech can make a huge impact by removing the need for bulky storage cabinets or facilities.

Similarly, using geometric shelving will save valuable floor space. The workstation itself will become the only feature on your mind. Similarly, if you need a monitor for video conferencing purposes, you should mount it to the wall. Too many possessions in this room will severely harm the overall vibe.

When combined with a thorough decluttering session and regular cleaning, the home office will become your favourite part of the home.

Building A Homely Home Office 2

Add Some Comforts

While the home office isn’t exactly your living room, it should be comfortable. There are far greater personalisation opportunities. It certainly does not have to feel as bland as the commercial office spaces that you have previously worked from.

The use of family photos can deliver emotional comfort when you need it most. Meanwhile, displaying awards or hanging up sports memorabilia works well. Cow hide Rugs by Cowhide Rugs London are the ultimate way to add character to the floor. And it’ll bring comfort under your feet too.

Another crucial step to consider is the heating and air circulation. If the air quality makes you feel uncomfortable, it’ll be very hard to work properly.

Revamp The Workspace Itself

While building a better overall environment is essential for your ongoing thoughts of the room, you must not ignore the workspace itself. The setup will have a telling influence on your productivity and output. Now is the time to ensure that it is built with efficiency in mind.

You may plan to use a laptop and a graphic tablet rather than a desktop. Even so, you need to find a quality desk. Choosing suitable office desks at Office Furniture Online is a very wise move. Having a good work surface for writing, typing, drawing, and more should give you a far better shot at sustained success.

Good access to stationery is another hugely beneficial factor. Otherwise, the room can become a source of continued frustration.

Find An Ergonomic Chair

While your mattress is probably the most commonly used piece of furniture in your home the office chair is a close runner-up. So, while your natural instinct is to think about sofas and similar features, the office chair is vital, it’s vital for your comfort as well as the room’s vibe.

Building A Homely Home Office 3

There are various types of an ergonomic chair for the home office. The key is to find one that matches your size, posture, and personal preferences. A comfortable worker is a far more effective worker. In turn, this can aid your productivity levels for video conferencing, assignments, and more. The results will be seen right away.

Conversely, when you continue to work from the wrong chair, such as one borrowed from the kitchen, it will show.

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Think About Background Music

Your home office should satisfy all of your senses. The sense of smell is the easiest to ignore by far. However, the right background music may actually motivate you to work better and put you in a happier mindset. It’s another way that you can create a sense of belonging.

In truth, you won’t need to install a huge sound system with big bass speakers. However, you may find that a vinyl record player brings a touch of class to the room. It also encourages you to stretch your legs every 20 minutes when the record ends. Or you could choose a modern sound system that connects to Spotify or other streaming platforms.

The right music might seem like a minor step, but it can impact your daily work habits. Do not ignore it.

Invest In Security 

There’s nothing worse than feeling that your home and business are both at threat from intruders. Therefore, investing in the right level of security for the property and the home office should be high on the agenda. When your mind is at ease, you’ll work better

Building A Homely Home Office 4

Increased protection can take many forms. Whether it’s new CCTV installations or video doorbells is up to you. External lighting is considered a wise investment too alongside video doorbells. As for the home office space itself, using safes to protect your most valuable assets can make a world of difference. Underestimate it at your peril.

Aside from enhancing the home office environment, it benefits the whole family. For the sake of your sanity as much as anything else, you must not get this wrong.

The Final Thought

Updating the home office space may seem a daunting task but you can complete the transformation in a short space of time. In addition to enhancing your work shifts, it should add value to the property too. If that doesn’t inspire you to implement a change, nothing will.

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