How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Making A Small Space Look Bigger At Home

Your home’s interior air quality affects your health and wellbeing. People spend 90% of their time at home. Even in industrialized places, indoor air can be more contaminated than outside air. 

There are several techniques to enhance the air quality in your house. Many of them are simple, and there would also be a few reasons not to adhere to them due to a lack of results.

But, follow these suggestions for convenience and comfort to enhance the air quality in your home.

Replace Air Filters 

Indoor air contaminants originate from a variety of sources. Regardless of whether it’s usual home dust, pet dander, or pollen on shoes and clothing, the presence of unpleasant particles in the air is certain. 

The 16x25x4 air filter in your home’s HVAC system serves as the lungs. Air travels past them, and harmful particles are filtered out, ensuring that only the purest air is drawn into the system and circulated. Replace your filters to guarantee they are operating at their maximum capacity. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your HVAC system for precise instructions.

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Add Some Greenery

Adding indoor plants is an excellent approach to purifying indoor air. These indoor plants filter the interior air to how outside plants filter the outdoor air. Some plants are more effective than others at purifying the air. Thus, you may wish to exercise caution while selecting plants.

Ivy, for example, is very effective in filtering out indoor pollution. It also does not need much light, and thus, there is no need to position it near a window.

But, if you have mould sensitivity, you should avoid plants. Many plants, like damp soil, can support mould growth.

Improving Ventilation

Ventilation improves air circulation, and it dilutes the number of hazardous particles in the house by bringing in outside air. If the weather permits, opening the windows is a fantastic idea. You may install window fans to remove polluted air and draw in the fresh air. But this is not a viable choice for towns near large roadways or industrial facilities, as the air outdoors may already be contaminated. 

Use the mechanical ventilation available in your home. Run an exhaust fan over the cooktop when cooking, and turn on the bathroom exhaust fan when you shower. Check if your vent vents to the outdoors; there are many vents within, stale recirculating air. This may be remedied by opening a window.

Making A Small Space Look Bigger At Home

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Essential?

In general, poor air quality has a significant influence on your home’s comfort and your health as a whole. Although specific symptoms may appear moderate, they progress to more severe consequences. Despite the impossibility of eliminating all allergens from your house, you may limit their presence and your exposure by implementing these few easy modifications.

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