Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel Benefits for New Homeowners

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Let’s be honest. As a new homeowner, you no doubt have a lot to do to begin turning your new house into a home. One of those things is beginning to work on your dream garden and lawn. You may have already experienced times when you found your garden hose lying in a messy heap over a railing or on the lawn.

Perhaps it was the kids, your enthusiastic puppy that went running off with it, or even yourself after a long day and being too tired to wrap it up by hand. Either way, spending several minutes attempting to untangle and remove the kinks for the hose before watering your lawn or garden is most likely not an enjoyable task to face. 

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Many gardeners often find the task of trying to unravel a garden hose or trying to reel it in by hand so daunting that it may simply discourage them from watering that day entirely. 

If you are tired of watering your garden or lawn turning into a chore, there is a fantastic solution. Turn watering from a chore into one of your favorite tasks with a wall mounted garden hose reel

Not only will this make struggling with your garden hose daily a thing of the past, but there are also a few wall-mounted garden hose reel benefits for new homeowners you might not have considered. We’ll go over some of the surprising positives of having your garden hose reel wall mounted. 

One Model – Two Directional Mounting

This particular model, our favorite and one of the highest-rated wall-mounted garden hose reels, the ELEY model 1041, features both perpendicular and parallel wall mounting options. If you prefer your garden hose to pull away from the wall, no problem.

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If you find it easier to have your garden hose pull out or be reeled in along the wall, it can be mounted that way as well. This gives you the option to set up your hose reel in a manner that is most convenient and adaptable to your needs. 

Versatile Outer Wall Mounting Options

Speaking of adaptable, other wall-mounted hose reels most often don’t accommodate for the different outer surfaces of a home. The ELEY model 1041 comes with a patented stainless mounting hardware designed for both wood-stud and masonry surfaces. 

This model can also be mounted to stucco. It’s important to simply remember to anchor the reel into a solid surface behind a stucco finish. As the reel will no doubt need to be anchored to a wall stud, make sure you have longer screws required to do so. If the stucco has masonry, simply use the sleeve anchors or a masonry anchor. 

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When mounting to a brick surface, it’s perfectly acceptable to mount this reel into the mortar joints or even directly into the brick or block itself. 

Garden hoses when filling with water can weigh 50lbs or more, therefore it’s essential to attach a wall-mounted garden hose reel properly, and that the hose reel itself is sturdily constructed with high-quality materials. 

Less Effort and Less Strain

If you’ve ever attempted to wrangle a garden hose filled with water which makes it heavier to carry, then you probably remember how difficult it can be to move around with it. A heavy garden hose can tangle on itself, or around objects or, the hose can kink forcing you to have to backtrack to sort that out, and so on. 

An excellent hose reel not only removes a lot of those issues but makes it easier to do any watering around your yard without the hassle or the extra strain of heavy hose-lifting. Ensuring that the wall-mounted hose reel is smooth and simple to spool in once finished saves time. 

Other Important Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Reel

  • Easy storage and a tidy look. 
  • The highest-quality materials mean a much longer-lasting hose reel, saving you money on replacements and repairs.
  • Reduces back strain from no longer needing to drag the hose wherever it is needed. 
  • Saves time when storing, especially when using long garden hoses.
  • Minimum effort to water lawns, gardens, or to finish chores.
  • Extends the lifetime of a garden hose as it is no longer exposed completely to the sun once finished with gardening. 
  • Prevents mowing or lawn maintenance accidents.
  • Prevents trip hazards.

As you can see, the wall-mounted garden hose reel benefits for new homeowners are overwhelmingly positive.  Turn a chore into one of your favorite things to do with an easy to use, rugged, well designed wall-mounted garden hose reel today. 

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