What are the Different Types of Neon Signs?

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Nowadays, many people are interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing place for them. To create this aesthetically pleasing room, a lot of people are dedicating a major part of their time in order to be able to create, achieve, and have the best room for them. Having a room that is aesthetically pleasing can be an important thing for many people because their rooms are the only places where they will be able to feel comfortable, at peace, and have a breath from the outside world. 

So,  when people are designing their rooms, and looking through things online -what they should put on their desks, on their office tables, how they should decorate their walls, they are finding that neon signs are to be the thing that can bring them closer to achieving their goal – which is having an aesthetic room.

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So, now that people have realized that custom neon LED signs can be the thing that is missing from their rooms in order for them to mark the room as complete, they have started to look online whether they should buy a neon sign and insert it on their walls.

In this article, we are going to talk about how neon signs can be a great source of light for your room, what advantages you will have, and what different types there are for a neon signs.

Why are neon signs a trend

Neon signs started to become a trend from the time that social media started to become a good source of entertainment for a lot of people. Many people started to share how the designing of neon lights was bringing an aesthetic to their rooms, how they were able to put them on their walls as signs, order specific designs to have neon signs, or just to have the lights under their beds, around their tables, or their closets.

This content that was shared on social media became a good source of marketing for producers of neon lights, and thus, neon lights started to become a trend worldwide, and producers of these types of lights saw a major increase in their sales and profits.

Advantages of having a neon sign in your room

Having a neon sign or a neon light in your interior design is aesthetically pleasing. When you have a neon light in your room, you have the opportunity to have a place where you feel comfortable in. Additionally, having a neon light can have many other advantages. For example, you will have the opportunity to choose a neon light sign, whether it is  a character that you like, a quote that you relate to, a logo that is appealing to you, or just a strip of neon lights.

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In other words, when you want to order neon lights, you have the opportunity to choose from a long list of choices that you will be presented with. Additionally, you will be buying a light that has a lower price compared to normal and traditional lights. So, neon lights are cheaper than normal lights, and while you are paying a cheap price for them, you should know that these lights last a lot longer than the traditional lights.

Different types of neon signs

 Now that you know the advantages that a neon light has, you might as well get to know the different types of neon lights. Generally speaking, there are only two types of neon lights these days. The traditional ones, are handcrafted and are a bit riskier to own because they can be a source of creating fire, and the second type is the LED neon lights, which are much more safer to use.

However, there are also two types of currents that neon lights have, the AC current type, and the DC current type. However, buying a DC powered neon sign will not give the same amount of lighting as an AC current type would – so it is better to stick with the AC LED neon lights.

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Key Takeaways

IN a nutshell, neon lights are a good way to decorate and bring an aesthetic to your room. So, if you are thinking of ordering a neon sign, you should definitely do it, and be sure to order the LED neon with the AC powered lights.

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