How to Decorate Walls With Kitchen Wall Stickers

How to Decorate Walls With Kitchen Wall Stickers

We use the kitchen every day. We all love our kitchens. But do you know how to make kitchens spruce with easy makeup? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to decorating walls with kitchen wall stickers and dining room decals. 

How to Decorate Walls With Kitchen Wall Stickers

Find the Spot

You must have heard it before because it is IMPORTANT! The beauty of a wall is not only about the decoration you use or the sticker quality you bought. It is also about finding the most suitable place to decorate! Some decorations would look lovely only because of their spot! 

Find a place in your kitchen you would love to see decorated with kitchen wall stickers. It will be great if it is well painted, clean, and has different levels of lights. 

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Try It With Your Mind!

You don’t want to get disappointed by dining room decals you don’t like, especially after spending hours and money to set up. That’s why you need to imagine it on the wall before anything. Ask yourself some questions to figure out if you have planned it well: 

  • Is this the right wall? Is this a pleasant exposure? 
  • Size and distances; Is it matching with the surroundings? 
  • What about colors? How about considering more colors? Which colors would look the best? Which would never do?

Plan it Well!

Think about the spot; Are you applying more decorations? Which to work on first? The paintings? or the stickers? Hang the shelf? Or start with the sticker? Think it all. 

How to Decorate Walls With Kitchen Wall Stickers 2

Prepare the Spot

You want a clean, dry, and smooth wall waiting for your kitchen wall stickers. Remove dust, use soap on a damp sponge if needed, and dry it well after cleaning. 

Heart beat rises, last preparation steps. Time to consider any electrical interference on the wall you are applying your kitchen wall stickers on. It is time to check if it is far enough from any heat source. And to consider the placement position of the stickers or the dining room decals. Mark your locations with an accurate pencil and a ruler. Just make sure that your alignments are perfect before marking. And finally, take your measures. 

Appling Kitchen Wall Stickers

Open the sticker correctly.

You don’t want to remove the whole cover from the sticking decal. Make your choice; You will only remove a vertical or a horizontal part that would only allow you to start placing, with the rest of the decal still covered. And that would be to protect the rest of the unplaced decal during the process. And to give you the chance to press your sticker correctly to the wall. 

Start the placement. (Place, Press, Uncover) 

After placing your first vertical/horizontal part, press it tightly to the wall and avoid any possible gaps or misplacements. Then uncover more, place more, press, etc. 

Final Chance!

In this stage, You have one final opportunity to fix any problem of air or misplacement in your sticker. You can’t wait because it will collect dust and be damaged. Use a bright lamp, stick it to your applied wall stickers and find mistakes! Didn’t find anything? You are great. If you did, then press it correctly this time. Make sure that all edges are pressed correctly to the wall. 

Reveal the Beauty

Time to finally see how it looks. Start from any upper corner, and unstick the back cover gently and symmetrically. BE CAREFUL! Leave it! You may find a small piece of dust or anything on the wall while removing the back cover. Don’t try to remove it immediately while applying the wall sticker. You would want to wait for a while. And bring the proper equipment to take out the dust. 

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You, Will, Be Fine

Most importantly, be calm, enjoy your decal experience, and be happy with applying your new dining room decals. Even if it is your first time doing it yourself and you are worried about it. 

Just follow the simple rule (Place, Cover, Uncover.) or check for more information, to ensure that you have a good quality sticker application. Any minor mistake you saw with your lamp would be unnoticeable to everybody else. Learn from your experience, and apply a better decal tomorrow. 

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