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Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging

Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging

Getting the right custom packaging for your product is essential for successful branding and business growth. Choosing the correct custom packaging can help you stand out to the consumers on the shelf. If you have food or another spoilable product, it is also important to have packaging that will protect your product.

There are many packaging choices on the market ranging from cardboard to custom stand up pouches. These are some things you should know about four common choices.

Cardboard Boxes

This is one of the most widely known and used options when it comes to packaging. Cardboard can be printed relatively easily and can lay flat in many cases. It is however not very effective at keeping products fresh.

However, it can be paired with linings and bags to be more effective. Cardboard boxes also tend to be easy to close again after opening (they aren’t exactly resealable, but tabs and similar features make them closeable).

Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Overall, cardboard boxes are actually a very popular packaging choice because they are so readily available. A lot of businesses simply default to this option. However, it may not always be the right one, especially if you need any special features.

Custom Packaging Mylar Pouches

These flexible pouches are an increasingly popular choice in food, supplement and similar packaging. They are highly durable, can be printed with full-color designs and can lay flat in storage.

These features help to make pouches an excellent choice for packaging. You can also rely on them to help keep foods fresh, including items that need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Mylar pouches also have lots of options for special features. For example, you can have zipper tops, spouts and similar characteristics. You can also select child resistant mylar bags. These are perfect for any products that should be kept away from small, curious hands.

Rigid Plastic Packaging

Another option is to choose rigid plastic containers. These are popular for drinks and other products involving liquids (frozen items, soups etc.). They offer a lot of the benefits of mylar bags but are an older design. The main drawback of rigid plastic is low storage density. You cannot store them in an efficient manner in most cases. This is especially true for the designs that can’t be stacked.

Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging

Rigid plastics can be a good option for some products. However, if you want to store packaging for extended periods, we recommend that you consider another choice.

Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging

This isn’t a fully separate option, but it a subcategory of all packaging. PCR packaging is recycled from various consumer goods and packaging. Paper products and plastics can be recycled. In fact, all the above types of packaging can be made from PCR materials.

Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging

If you want to promote a green image for your business, consider opting for recycled materials. It is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn More

The above information is a quick introduction to some of the most common types of packaging. It should help you to start finding the right packaging type for your product. When you find an option that is cost-efficient while protecting your product and helping it stand out on the shelf, you will be in great shape. Get started learning more today.

Custom Packaging 101: Design Features & Types of Packaging

Are you looking for custom packaging or have you any experience of custom packaging? We would love to hear them in the comments section below. As always, if you have found this article of any value we would love for you to ‘Pin It’ on Pinterest and share with your friends and family across social media and beyond!

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