Exceptional Entrepreneurs: 3 qualities that made these business owners thrive

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Owning a business is about far more than simply having your name on a piece of paper. You may be the person solely responsible for helping your company to grow. Alongside this, you may also have a significant duty of care, to your employees, and clients, to ensure you follow regulations as strictly as possible. There may be some qualities of existing entrepreneurs that you want to consider learning or improving before you decide to embark on this career path for yourself.

Knowing that not all customers are the same can be imperative to helping your business thrive. When you don’t treat people as individuals, they may be hesitant to shop with you. This may especially be the case when the success of your products is dependent on a correct fit.

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Exceptional Entrepreneurs: 3 qualities that made these business owners thrive

Third Love

David Spector of ThirdLove may appreciate this greatly. His company sells lingerie.

As each woman’s breasts, and body, can differ greatly, it can be exceptionally important for him to make sure that his team is considering all of these differences when designing and marketing products. In addition to this, a high level of variety could be helpful in keeping customers coming back for more. Even something as simple as having a singular design in an array of colours and sizes could make it that much more appealing to the consumer market.

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Some companies also mandate how long it should take to respond to a customer query. Bigshot Amazon is no exception. While it may ask that its team follows these guidelines, it may also include them within the rules for third-party sellers. This way, no matter who uses your website as a selling platform, you may be able to keep the public opinion of the brand itself rather positive. Having shorter response times can help customers to feel more validated. In turn, this could help to build up their level of trust. Following Jeff Bezos’ exit, this appears to be something that new CEO Andy Jassy has kept in place.

A high level of commitment could also be to helping your business thrive. If you are likely to give up on an idea just because things get a little bit difficult, you may never be able to achieve your full potential.

The Handwork Studio

Laura Kelly of The Handwork Studio makes this focus a priority on the daily running of her business.

At the same time, she acknowledges that it can be hard to retain that focus when others around you seem to be moving at a far quicker pace. However, it can be important to stop comparing yourself to others, both in terms of successes and shortfalls, and instead, keep your eyes on your own business. This way, you may be able to dedicate more time and energy to self-improvement.

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Although it can be a lot of hard work, it is possible to grow your business from a small start-up to national success. While not all companies may be able to achieve this, you may never know how far you can go without utilizing these qualities. 

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