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Restaurants Offering Takeaway In Newcastle And Surrounding Areas During Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 begins on Thursday and whilst Burger King are championing to eat at other global corporations such as McDonald’s and KFC in a heartfelt statement, there was absolutely no mention of eating with the small local independents who have had a tough year and don’t have the safety net of a billion-dollar business. We’ve compiled a list of the restaurants and pubs in Newcastle and surrounding areas who will be offering a takeaway service over the next Lockdown and here at Elle Blonde we highly encourage you to place orders with them to help save a small business!

If you’re a restaurant running a takeaway or delivery service drop us an email, leave a comment below or contact us on social media and we will add your business to the relevant section of this list. We are constantly updating the list when we discover any other businesses open. 

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Dot Bagels – https://www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-dot-bagels-walker/menu

Fat Hippo – https://fathippo.co.uk/

Hibou Blanc – http://www.hiboublanc.co.uk/

Horticulture – https://horticultureuk.co.uk/

Jaipur Exclusive – https://www.jaipurnewcastle.co.uk/

Kaltur – https://www.kalturrestaurant.co.uk/

Karma Kitchen – https://karma-kitchen-cafe.co.uk/

Komal Indian Restaurant – https://fave.co/3ek2m8N

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Lezzet – https://www.lezzetrestaurant.co.uk/

Little Green – https://www.littlegreensocial.co.uk/

Lola Jeans – https://www.lolajeans.co.uk/

Ma’ida Table Spread – https://maidatablespread.com/

meat:stack – https://www.meat-stack.com/

My Delhi – https://www.mydelhistreetfood.com/

Pizza Punks – https://pizzapunks.co.uk/

Pizzeria Italia – https://pizzeriaitalia.uk/

Purple Peacock – https://www.ilovepurplepeacock.com/newcastle/

Raval – https://www.ravaluk.com/

River Beat – https://riverbeat.co.uk/

Sachins – https://sachins.co.uk/

Shawarma Fattoush – http://www.fattoushne4.co.uk/

Sushi Me Rollin’ – https://www.sushimerollin.co.uk/

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Tanners Arms – http://www.thetannersarms.co.uk/

Thali Tray – https://thalitray.co.uk/

The Bake One – https://thebake1.co.uk/

The Bindi – https://www.thebindi.com/

The Patricia – https://www.the-patricia.com/

Zucchini Pasta Bar – http://www.zucchinipastabar.co.uk/takeaway/

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Jesmond and Gosforth

Antico – https://www.anticorestaurant.com/

Arlo – https://arlojesmond.com/

Bistro Forty Six (Meat Sauce Fries) – https://www.instagram.com/meat_sauce_fries/

Cafe 1901 –  https://1901caffe.co.uk/jesmond/

Dabbawal – https://dabbawal.com/menus-jesmond/

Dosa Kitchen – https://www.dosakitchen.co.uk/

Fable Kitchen – https://www.fablekitchen.com/

Jesmond Dene House – https://jesmonddenehouse.co.uk/

New New Bengal – https://newnewbengal.com/

Panis Italian – http://paniscafe.co.uk/

Papa Ganoush – http://papaganoush.co.uk/

San Lorenzo – https://www.sanlorenzogosforth.co.uk/takeaway-food-delivery

The Brownie Bar – https://www.thebrowniebar.co.uk/order-online.php

The Days of Raj – http://www.thedaysoftheraj.co.uk/

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