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7 Ways How To Keep A Pisces Man Wanting You

Pisces are born between 19th February to 20th March.

Pisces men are compassionate, gentle, caring and romantic souls that are on a quest for a loving world. Pisces guys born under the sign of water are full of surprises.

In order to win a Pisces man’s heart, you’ll need to understand how a Pisces man thinks. Don’t worry too much, it’s actually pretty easy. In this article, you’ll find out how to win over the Pisces man.

Understand him

Pisces men are emotional creatures and aren’t shy to throw the occasional mood swing. As you know, life hits you hard at times, whether you like it or not. In the same situation, Pisces men need someone to understand them and be there rock.

Moreover, Pisces men are sensitive to the outside world, the Pisces man wears his heart on his sleeve. Being his partner you need to assure him that you are there for him and understand him.

Be Romantic

Although Pisces guys can be sensitive and even moody at times, they do have a romantic side. He is seeking a partner who is romantic and caring towards him as he owns a romantic heart.

Thanks to his romantic and loving heart, he will do special things for his partner that other guys won’t do. In return, he needs someone to do the same things for him to make him feel special.

If you really want a Pisces man to chase you, then you better start doing things that are quite romantic. You can write love letters, send him love poems, send him love presents, and invite over a candlelight dinner or for a romantic movie. He will definitely notice your efforts, love, and romantic nature; making him want you eventually.

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Show your interest in him

The most important thing, when it comes to winning the heart of a Pisces guy, is to show him that you’re into him and no one else. There are a few ways you can show him you’re interested, such as:

  • Listen to him
  • Engage in intellectual conversations
  • Be his rock and support him
  • Compliment him
  • Flirt with him
  • Frequently smile at him whenever he looks at you

Demonstrate your feelings and interest in him by making direct eye contact during conversations. You should ask him interesting questions or about his hobbies.

If you find yourself thinking that your Pisces man is losing interest in you, then you should try these different ways to make him miss you.

Be supportive and helpful in practical ways

Make sure, your Pisces man knows that you’re there for him and can provide the support he needs.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Remind him about important dates or events
  • Make dinner arrangements with his family and friends
  • Listen to him and give him advice
  • Keep his secrets
  • Cook him healthy meals
  • Make sure he’s having enough sleep

By taking these practical steps, you can easily make him value your actions, as well as see how much you love and care for him.

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Be attentive to his feelings

As Pisces natives fall under the water sign, they are extremely emotional beings. Unfortunately, they aren’t very good at expressing their feelings, they only share their feelings with the person they truly love.

He finds it more attractive if you are attentive to his feelings. Make sure to pay attention to his body language, ask him how he is doing, ask him about his troubles, and talk to him about himself.

You need to be consistent, supportive, and considerate of his feelings. He will definitely value the little things you do for him.

Be creative

If you want a Pisces man to chase you, you should be fun and creative just like him. The nature of a Pisces man is more inclined towards the creative and artistic side. He likes to try new things to entertain himself in his spare time. So, he needs his partner to be just like him.

Perhaps, give him ideas to join an art class together, walk around historical buildings, or watch historical movies at the cinema.

All you need is to keep your personality more fun and entertaining as that is a shortcut way to get to Pisces man’s heart.

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Be gentle and kind

Pisces men are sensitive and emotional human beings. If you wish to win their kind and romantic heart, you need to be gentle and kind towards him.

No matter whatever the situation is, I would suggest you treat him with kindness. He will be attracted to your kindness and caring personality traits.

Final Thoughts on Pisces men

Although it’s not easy to capture the heart of a Pisces man, it’s not impossible. If you follow the tips within this article then you’re halfway there to making him obsessed with you. Remember, you need to be consistent in your efforts to win his heart and love for you. Just keep in mind a Pisces guy needs a woman that loves, understands, and can be there for him.

Be honest, be supportive, be loyal, and be compassionate towards him. Always be optimistic about your efforts and hope for the best!

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