How To Avoid Boring Date Nights As A Married Couple

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Couples who regularly go on dates together are more likely to remain together. According to new research, there’s no need for that to happen every week: One monthly date night is optimal. 

And no law says you have to spend a fortune on a fancy dinner and a movie to have a memorable date. There’s something quite special and endearing about arranging a night with your sweetheart at home, whether you two are watching a marathon of your favourite love films, treating yourself to a spa day, or cooking a great meal together.

3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Relationship Online With Dating Apps | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Here are some lovely ideas to help you avoid boring date nights as a married couple:

Understand Your Spouse

What activities would your partner want to undertake on a date? We are all wired differently. Consider your partner’s interests and design a date night around them.

What would they find enjoyable? Do they want to check out some new eateries in a different neighbourhood? Or maybe you wish to try some novel things, like indoor skydiving or lakeside riding. It all begins with having a thorough grasp of the person and what motivates them.

Try something new!

Pick adventure above routine. For your date night, avoid the standard food and movie routine. Mix lively with quiet. Compared to a quiet date in front of a computer, lively dates often allow for more dialogue, better talks, and more innovative experiences.

Select inventiveness above extravagance. Every now and then, I’m all for a nice date night, but a date doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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Whether you decide to date at home or outside the house, date nights don’t have to be the “be-all, end-all” of marriage but they can enable couples to spend some quality time together. 

Take the time to admire the night sky

Stargazing with your sweetheart is one of the most inexpensive (and romantic) activities you can do together. Observe the night sky as a group while bundled up on a blanket.

Make an impressive meal

Make a fancy lunch in the comfort of your home and transform your dining area into a romantic “restaurant” by lighting candles and placing fresh flowers on each setting.

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Are you in a relationship rut? Flipping through photo albums (or phone albums!) and remembering the good moments shared is a tried and true method for bringing people back together.

Take some time for a relaxing bubble bath

Speaking with Adam Hillier, a business owner who runs his own online store, says that his favourite way to connect with his partner is by having a bubble bath together. Fill a tub with hot water, a handful of bath salts, a few bath bombs, or your preferred bubble bath.

Candles and rose petals in the bathroom will set the mood for romance. You can either have a BlueTooth speaker play some light music in the background or you can watch your favourite show together. 

Have a fast food night

Stop by the drive-through of your go-to fast-food joint and stuff your face with burgers, fries, pizza, and wings! Then enjoy your fast food at home by setting up a buffet.

You and your partner may choose whichever movie you want to watch. Refrain from nitpicking the other person’s selection. Regardless, you’ll have to watch whatever the other person chooses. Should I watch Die Hard and Pride and Prejudice in a row?

Spend the night “camping” in your yard

Build a fire in the backyard, get out the camping chairs and blankets, and have a s’mores roasting party. Forget the ghost tales and reminisce about the good times you’ve had.

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Participate in pair tests. Take these relationship quizzes to learn more about each other and your partnership. You can either look them up online or purchase a book with hundreds of questions guaranteed to have you and your date laughing and smitten for hours.

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