The Most Popular Types of Top Rated Pool Heaters

The best rated pool heaters | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Are you sad about the upcoming end of the pool season? What if there is a feasible way to keep enjoying your residential pool at low ambient temperatures? 

Pool heaters enable homeowners to extend their swimming season by increasing water temperature, regardless of the weather conditions. There are several types of heaters in the market, differing in the type of energy they use to be functional. 

Take a look at the most popular types of such pool equipment.

The best rated pool heaters | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Heat pumps 

In recent times, these units have become the most preferred alternative among homeowners due to their energy-efficiency, low maintenance costs, and incredible longevity. Although such pumps use electricity to operate, the water is heated up by using warm air. Read more about the proper size, installation, and maintenance of heat pumps. 

In order for the pool water to get warm, it has to pass through the pump that creates heat with the help of a fan. The role of the fan is to use outdoor air so as to transfer it to the evaporation coil, where it’s transformed into gas. Once the gas gets warm, the condenser makes sure it travels straight to the water. 

Moreover, these units are considered as the most eco-friendly solution for heating residential pools, owing to the lack of harmful emissions when running. In order for such pumps to complete the heating process amazingly fast, the ambient temperature is supposed to be high. 

The best rated pool heaters | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

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Solar heaters

The solar units, as their name implies, use the abundant energy of the sun to heat swimming pools, thus being suitable for regions with plenty of sunshine. When purchasing a solar heater, you can either choose an unglazed collector or a glazed one. The former is made from sturdy rubber or plastic panels, resistant to UV rays, while the latter is usually made from aluminium. The glazed panels are costlier to purchase due to their long lifespan. Visit the following link,, to learn more about solar power. 

Furthermore, solar heaters are equipped with a valve that homeowners can use to prevent heat from reaching the water, especially on scorching summer days. Keep in mind that the position of the pool plays a major role in the amount of collected solar energy, thus requiring homeowners to place the structure at direct exposure to the sun. 

On cloudy days, solar heaters are unable to heat the water, thus causing an issue for people who wish to enjoy the swimming season as much as possible. Therefore, homeowners are strongly advised to purchase a back-up gas heater, which is ideal to use when there’s no sun. 

The best rated pool heaters | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Gas heaters

These units are undoubtedly the most popular method of warming swimming pools owing to the incredible speed of heating cold water up. Gas heaters use either natural or propane gas to run, depending on homeowners’ preferences. 

Additionally, you can use your natural gas line or purchase a large propane tank from. When looking for a top pool heater, make sure you purchase a versatile model that runs on both natural gas and propane. Most models are capable of maintaining warm water temperature, regardless of the changes in air temperature. You can also purchase a special pool cover that restores the heat maximally in order to enjoy the warm water longer. 

Nevertheless, the operating expenses for gas heaters tend to be much higher than the other types of heating units. These aren’t expensive to purchase but are certainly costly to maintain. Thankfully, some companies such as Kelly Propane & Fuel ( offer a cost-alleviating Propane Budget Plan to break up your propane costs over 10 months with monthly payments. Once the tank runs out of gas, you are supposed to hire the local gas company to refill the tank, which might cost up to $500 per visit. Also, these devices are believed to use plenty of gas when the ambient temperature is incredibly low. 

Bottom line

Investing in a heating unit will help you enjoy the swimming season much longer than usual. 

Don’t let the cool weather ruin your fun! 

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