Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Tankless Water Heater

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Once a water heater repair Plano company advises you to replace your unit, you should take the time to shop around for an efficient water heater. Your goal is to have access to a steady supply of hot water. A tankless water heater is going to be your best bet. A tankless water heater is also referred to as an on-demand water heater. It is considered as a more efficient alternative to a traditional water heater. You can mount it on the wall in your utility room, garage or even outside your home. 

The amount of hot water you need for the entire home’s consumption can be accommodated if you use a tankless water heater. It is important that the tankless unit you install is enough to provide you with hot water on demand. With an appropriately-sized water heater, you can have hot water whenever you need it. A tankless water heater ensures you are not going to waste energy in maintaining a large amount of hot water. It can also provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water even if someone takes a shower or doing laundry. 

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Different types of tankless water heater

You can choose from three different types of tankless water heater: condensing, non-condensing and hybrid condensing. Each type operates in a different way, but they belong to the same premise. Once a tap is turned on, the gas burner of your tankless water heater will ignite. 

The heat exchanger coil of your unit will transfer heat to the incoming cold water which is flowing through your coil. You will receive hot water from your faucet once the process is complete. It is important to maintain a high volume of gas so water will be at a sufficient temperature. 

A condensing tankless water heater, on the other hand, introduces a second heat exchanger which will take advantage of the excess exhaust heat. The method will heat your water further. This approach allows you to increase the efficiency of your unit while reducing the operating cost. A hybrid tankless water heater contains a small reservoir with 2 or more gallons to prevent short draws. 

This is useful for hot water necessities that do not require a large amount of water such as hand washing. The unit will be prevented from being fully fired up by keeping the small reservoir full. You should keep in mind that a tankless water heater does not literally provide you with instant hot water. It will still take time for the cold water to be converted into hot water. 

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Reasons to Purchase a tankless water heater

If you constantly need hot water, a traditional tank water heater may not be able to answer your demands. This is when a tankless water heater becomes a practical solution. A tankless unit is also a great choice if your tank is inefficient, old or leaking. Although installing a tankless unit is more expensive than the traditional unit, it can still save you money because it is energy-efficient. 

It can also save floor space in your utility room or garage. Since it is known to last 20 to 30 years, it is considered as a wise investment. As it is also less prone to leaks and rust. Using a traditional tank water heater can cost you $250 each year. A tankless water heater reduces the cost to $75-$120 each year. Whether you want an environment-friendly alternative. Or you want to bring the cost down, a tankless water heater fits the bill.

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Research tankless water heaters

When buying a tankless water heater, the selection process can get a little bit confusing. With all the available brands on the market today. In ensuring that you make an informed buying decision, you have to focus on the brand that offers high-quality products and warranty. It is also important that service providers are available when your tankless unit is not functioning properly. The installers in your area need to be certified as well. This is because the installation process is the most important aspect of having a tankless water heater. 

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There are also some important considerations you have to keep in mind such as the location and the fuel type. For the location, you have to determine the location you desire before you decide to install a tankless water heater. The location should provide you with the most affordable installation cost. In terms of the fuel type, choose a gas tankless water heater if you used to have a gas tank water heater. In choosing a professional to install your new unit, Classic Plumbing is the name to trust.  

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