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Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 1

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription?

Subscription boxes are huge right now and if you’ve not found your favourite yet then it might be because you’re looking for something a little different.

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Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 2

Back to today’s subscription box. This brand new brand has just launched their fantastic quarterly (or annually) subscription service of fabulous blooms.  Bloom Box Club offers three different subscriptions. Small Outdoor Plants (£59), Large Outdoor Plants (£79) or an Indoor Plants Box (£35).

Ahead of their launch, we were kindly sent the Indoor Plants Box from Bloom Box Club which we were thrilled to review.  Arriving by courier in undoubtedly the most well-packaged box I’ve ever received. The four indoor plants took me a good ten minutes to get into which was a great starting point. As this meant that all my new houseplants were kept well secure on their journey to their new home.

When I had unpacked the four plants I carefully looked at them. All different, but extremely enchanting they all put a smile on my face. It’s amazing the difference gorgeous plants make to your mood. I headed straight to the Bloom Box Club website to check out the plant cards. Which give you information about the plants in the box and how to care for them.

Firstly I checked out the smallest plant, and a one I was extremely drawn to. Housed in a light purple pot this almost lily pad leaf type of plant turned out to be a Chinese Money plant. This plant, happy in shade requires watered only weekly so is low maintenance. Perfect for a houseplant novice like myself.

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 3

Learning about plants

Discovering plants was something that I had never thought I’d be interested in. However, as I become more and more interested in interior and decor I found myself really excited to find out all about the origins of the plants. How to look after them and where they thrive the best.

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 4

The second plant in this quarter’s subscription box was a gorgeous pink oriental style flower. Named the Urn Plant (or Aechmea fasciata). This plant originates from Brazil. With a flower that lasts months this plant doesn’t grow too tall and again requires very little maintenance.

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 5


The third plant in this Bloom Box Club’s first indoor plant box was a leafy fern in a gorgeous grey pot. This leafy green was different from the other two plants. And was headed straight for the shaded corner in our conservatory to flourish. A plant that enjoys the shade and has been around for millions of years.

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 6

Each plant in the box has been specifically chosen and arrives in a gorgeous complimentary pot too. As a plant novice, the three plants that I had read about so far were low maintenance. So it boded well for the chances of keeping these beautiful plants alive!

The final plant, and of course my most FAVOURITE of the four plants was the Pygmy Pineapple Plant (aka Ananas comosus). This 20cm plant with inedible pineapple was quirky and totally Instagram-worthy.

Bloom Box Club: What about this for a subscription? 7

With a different plant arriving every three months for £35, this is a great gift idea that keeps on giving. Ideal for a friend, family member or even for yourself. The plants are gorgeous and different and come in gorgeous plant pots to fit in with all decors. If you’re looking for a subscription box with a difference then you must check out Bloom Box Club.


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