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Best Practices To Follow To Prevent A Plumbing Disaster

Without keeping your plumbing in check, your worst nightmare of waking up to a flooded room might just come true. While your plumbing may not be visible, it still needs regular maintenance to prevent serious problems. When things are out of sight, they completely become out of mind. It is important that you know how to deal with a plumbing disaster or problems. Once you discover them, you should not hesitate to call a Frisco plumber to check the source of the problem.

Use high-quality pipes

Expect low-quality pipes and fixtures to have a shorter lifespan. Although high-quality pipes have their own life expectancy, they can also become damaged sooner than expected due to a number of factors. Proper maintenance plays an important role in extending the lifespan of your pipes.

If water has high mineral content, you may have a plumbing disaster in the long run. If you are not quite sure of the type of plumbing you should consider, it is necessary to allow a certified plumber to perform an inspection. For PVC drain lines, their life expectancy is at 25 to 40 years. For copper pipes, expect these materials to last up to 80 years depending on the maintenance that they receive. Cast iron and brass pipes can last for more than a century. 

Best Practices To Follow To Prevent A Plumbing Disaster 1

Identify any sign of leaching

Pipes made from polybutylene or lead need to be replaced regardless of their age because of the danger they pose. Lead pipes are known to be harmful especially if you are drinking water from the pipe. You and your family can suffer from health problems if you do not address the problem immediately. Although polybutylene pipes are a cheaper alternative, they are expected to break prematurely causing numerous problems and plumbing disasters to homeowners. 

Beware of rust

If the water in your sink basin or tub appears to be yellow or brown in colour, it means that the rust is wreaking havoc on your pipes. When your pipes are sitting dormant, especially if you were away from home for a long period of time, the pipes will collect rust particulates. Once you see signs of rust, you should call a plumber to replace your existing pipes. Be sure to immediately address the issue because drinking water from rusty pipes can cause health problems. 

Do not use drop-in bowl cleaner

The old-fashioned way of cleaning your toilet bowl may be time-consuming, but they work 100% of the time. However, due to modern cleaning methods, many homeowners choose to use drop-in bowl cleaner to get rid of dirt and grime in your toilet. Instead of solving the problem, this cleaning approach might just make matters worse and create a plumbing disaster.

A drop-in bowl cleaner contains chemicals that are corrosive. Since the water goes down into the pipes, the corrosive chemicals which are present in the cleaner can damage pipes. When manufacturers find out that the cause of the problem is due to using these bowl cleaners, they can void your warranty.

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Be gentle with your disposal

Although garbage disposal is meant to accommodate food waste, it does not mean that you should allow chunks of food to go into it. A ton of waste can choke the disposal. Before putting everything into the disposal, be sure to scrape the plates first so you can prevent clogging. 

Avoid hanging things from exposed pipes

If you have exposed plumbing do not use it for hanging wet clothes. These pipes are not designed for supporting the weight of your pants or shirts. They can get even heavier when wet. The strain on your pipes might cause them to burst. Pipes are only designed for plumbing. You should not convert them into a clothing rack.

Replace old pipes

Your pipes might be made from old materials that can cause leaks and clogs. There are waste lines made from old terra cotta and they can get easily damaged over time. If you have steel pipes, they are also prone to rust which can cause buildup or bursting in the long run. Do not wait for your old pipes to cause problems before deciding on replacing them. Replace old pipes with more durable materials. 

For a clogged drain, plunging it might just do the trick. However, if a manual plunger will not solve the problem, it only means that you have to call Lex’s Plumbing to repair the problem. 

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  1. Yes, and many simple mistakes get costly. One I’ve come across, drop-in-tank toilet fresheners. Tablets often contain chemicals that wear out working parts inside the tank, and they disintegrate, get stuck in the flush valve and prevent the toilet from flushing.


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