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Top 5 Huge Myths About Plumbing That Lead To Costly Repairs

Your plumbing system needs maintenance so it continues to function well for many years to come. However, many homeowners believe in conventional wisdom or myths. These myths have caused people to deviate from the usual maintenance routine, unperturbed to the misstep’s negative effects. Whether it has to do with cleaning your drain or repairing a garbage disposal, you need to hire a plumbing company Frisco has to offer so you can get excellent results. While none of these myths can save your plumbing system, it still pays to be aware of them. You might be following one of these misleading practices:

Top 5 Huge Myths About Plumbing That Lead To Costly Repairs 1

Myth #1: Your disposal will smell fresh by putting lemons in it.

Lemons have been known for its numerous benefits and while putting them in your disposal can create a fresher aroma, the effects are not as desirable as you think. In fact, the presence of citric acid in lemons can be detrimental to the metal which your disposal is made from. Want some more bad news? Once citric acid penetrates into metals, corrosion will take place. You will not have fresh-smelling disposal but a corroded kitchen plumbing. If you want to polish your disposal, use ice instead as it acts like a rock tumbler. 

Myth #2: Use in-tank cleaners for your toilet to smell great

Cleaning the toilet is a less glamorous job and to take the stress out of scrubbing it, using in-tank cleaners is often a preferred method of cleaning. Unfortunately, these cleaners that are believed to be a time-saver and an ultimate dirt buster can do more harm than good to your toilet. It contains a substance that can build up inside your toilet. Using it for the long term can damage your toilet. If you want to get rid of smelly build-up, use vinegar. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but it is also more effective than in-tank cleaners. 

If you’re not wanting to clean your toilet yourself then why not hire a cleaner. Check out the best cleaners Chicago for this service.

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Myth #3:You can take advantage of lifetime warranties on bad products

Another misconception that can cost you a lot of money is believing that lifetime warranties on low-quality products are useful. The truth is, they are not. If the product breaks, do not expect it to be replaced by a better product on the market. That is not how it works. This means you will replace junk with junk. A better solution to this is to purchase good quality products. 

Myth #4: You allow waste to travel smoothly when running water while using the disposal

It might sound like a perfect combination but employing this technique is your recipe for a plumbing disaster. It is a common practice that many people are guilty of doing. However, this step does not solve the problem with blockage even if you use running water to get rid of the issue. Instead of following this practice, try filling the sink basin with water. It should be a 4:1 ratio so you can separate the waste and allow it to flow with ease down your drain. 

Myth #5:There is no need to worry about your drain as long as stuff goes down smoothly

They say that once things are out of sight, they will be completely out of mind. The same is true with your plumbing system. Unless you start to notice that stuff does not easily go down the drain, you will not think about taking any necessary steps to keep your plumbing system well maintained. It is important for your plumbing to receive maintenance as you will never know what goes down the drain which can cause sudden build-up. 

Although clogs and blockages do not instantly take place, they can still be a headache when left undetected. With regular maintenance, your drainage will become efficient and you can also reduce costly repairs. Be sure to use toilets, showers and sinks correctly to prevent clogging and blockage problems. Before draining basins, fill them with water. You will also need a hair screen for showers so you can reduce hairballs from building up.

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There is no better way to take good care of your plumbing than to hire a professional plumber to inspect your pipes and drains. These myths will not save you from spending money on the repair. Regular maintenance will. Contact GPS Plumbing so you can receive complete maintenance services and ensure the efficiency of your plumbing. 



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