Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From

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Keto Diet Ideas | How Keto Cereal is a real thing and how you can eat it for breakfast | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Keto cereal sounds like an oxymoron that shouldn’t be a real thing for those who participate in the lifestyle. With this type of regimen, the limit of carbohydrates for the entire day is generally around 20g. In a regular bowl of cereal inclusive of milk, you can run up to approximately 70g for just a single serving.

Apparently, things are evolving on the breakfast front to be more compatible with each person’s nutritional preferences. As with many food options on the market today, cereal has gone keto.

Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From 1

Where there were normally grains consisting of wheat, corn, and oats that were not consistent with the diet, there are naturally lower-carb replacements such as nuts and seeds. There is also a reduction in the sugar content either by using an alternative sweetener or drastically cutting the quantity of sugar that’s included in the product.

You don’t see an elimination of sweetener altogether or you would basically be consuming simply nuts and seeds. The cereals don’t have the saturation of sweeteners that a traditional breakfast cereal would offer, but they do provide a simplistic sweetness to satisfy the tastes.

Low Carb Alternatives

You can work these low carb breakfast choices into the daily keto macros without the worry of spiking blood sugar or being kicked out of ketosis. These make for not only the perfect breakfast but an awesome choice for a snack or fuel after a stressful workout. What are some of the various options? Let’s look at some of the best keto cereal alternatives.

  • Muesli: Muesli can be described as granola that is uncooked or raw. It is a blend of all different types of nuts, rolled oats, dried fruit, and seeds combined with spices and cinnamon making it a low-carb keto cereal choice. It can be compared to a trail mix that dieters choose to put in a bowl and dash with milk.
  • Granola: Like muesli, granola starts as separated ingredients to which you add various spices and flours and then bake in the oven to produce the final result. Many choose to break apart the pieces which are hard and crunchy to have with milk that can either be warm or cold. 
  • Porridge or Oatmeal: This seems like a definite ‘no’ with this meal plan but it is possible to recreate the grains and oats to allow for your low-carb macros. You just need to simply substitute these ingredients for either nuts and seeds or their flours. The same texture will be accomplished, delicious taste achieved, and a nice warmth felt on a cold day, but minus all of the carbs.

Regardless of which version you choose to indulge in, the ingredients are what make them so satisfying yet safe for those implementing dietary limitations.

Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From 2

Key Ingredients for Low Carb Choices

It can be difficult when reducing our intake of food or even limiting our carbs to stay satiated. It’s essential to take in healthy foods that make you feel full for longer periods.

For the bulk of these products, you will find that nuts and seeds are the key ingredients. They promote satiation and provide a highly satisfying crunch. The nutrients are impressive with high levels of fibre, a decent amount of protein, and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. 

For a list of the best nuts to consume for this preferred lifestyle read here. Among them are:

  • Pecans
  • Macadamia
  • Brazil
  • Hazelnuts
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts

When you’re trying to control your diet, the best way to do that with nuts and seeds is to buy them in raw form and roast them yourself. This saves from any inflammatory oils and you can decide on the amount of salt or sweetener that you want to include.

Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From 3

Seeds provide a near-zero carb option to meeting fibre requirements. They pack in not only fibre but healthy fats and protein. The best seeds include:

  • Chia
  • Sesame
  • Hemp
  • Pumpkin (limit these on keto cereal choices)
  • Flax

Seeds and nuts can be used both for your cereal, or they can be ground to make flours for porridge or granola.

Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From 4

How About Milk?

Is milk okay on this meal plan? You can find out everything you need to know at

You won’t find milk from cows in the keto aisle, we know. It can rake up 12g of carbs for only one cup. You’ll want to replace this with unsweetened dairy milk such as:

  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk
  • Hemp milk
  • Pea protein milk
  • Flaxseed milk
  • Hazelnut milk

If you’re not really fond of having milk in your cereal, you can opt for low-sugar Greek yoghurt instead.

These cereals tout more fibre, protein, and healthy fats than what your basic breakfast cereal can offer. They are free from sugar and any type of artificial sweeteners. This provides the product with a natural, organic flavour that more readily satisfies and allows you to enjoy the true taste of the food. 

Keto cereal…no one would have ever believed it.

Keto Cereal Is A Real Thing: Three Types You Can Choose From 5

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