Fitness & Fashion Can Coexist: Pick Workout Wear That Makes A Statement

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If you are a lady who loves to look stylish (aren’t we all?!), then the chances are that when it comes to your workout wear, you are somewhat picky about what you will and will not wear. Whether you are heading to the gym for a quick morning workout or are off to take part in a marathon, colour run, or some other sporting event, the fact is that you want to look good, because when you look good, you feel good.

Bearing that in mind, it’s important to realise that fashion and fitness can coexist, despite what you may have heard. It is possible to dress to impress when hitting the gym or running a marathon, it’s just a case of picking workout wear that makes a statement, and makes you feel good. Want to know how you can do that? Then read on for all of the best workout wear styling tips and advice.

Fitness & Fashion Can Coexist: Pick Workout Wear That Makes A Statement 1

Show off your curves

Far too many sports bras flatten your chest completely, this is not what you want from a sports bra. You want comfort and protection for your girls, but you don’t want them to be eliminated completely, do you? A slightly padded sports bra can give you the best of both worlds – more visible curves which should help to boost your confidence, and a little-added support. Want to love your sports bra more? Pick a design that’s bright and beautiful – after all, bright beats black any day of the week.

Camouflage your ‘problem areas’

Fitness & Fashion Can Coexist: Pick Workout Wear That Makes A Statement 2
We all have those little areas that we hate. Whether yours is your curvaceous hips, middle tyre, or your love handles, camouflaging them can make you feel better about yourself and more confident when working out. Opting to wear a hip skimming top can be the ideal way to camouflage any areas that you feel self-conscious of, giving your confidence a much-needed boost.

Pick the perfect fitness pants

For working out, sports leggings are a must. Don’t feel self-conscious in them, because sports leggings (or all good sports leggings) are designed to sculpt your legs, cutting in at the perfect points and giving you all the support that you need. For the illusion of slimmer legs, stick to black pants, or pants that are mainly black and have a few splashes of colour incorporated into their design.

Choose the perfect kickers

Want to slim down your legs? Opt for kickers – aka sneakers – that are black, as these tend to give the illusion that your legs are slimmer than they actually are. Colourful kickers might be fun, but they’re nowhere near as slimming. For a diverse selection of trainer designs, sites like can be worth having a browse of. A black legging leading to a black trainer creates the illusion of longer legs, while a coloured or white trainer interrupts this line, making your legs look stockier than they actually are.

Put your face on

You don’t want to hit the gym with a totally made up face, especially as a foundation can clog your pores when you sweat. However, wearing a little waterproof mascara and dabbing your lips with a pink-hued neutral lip stain can make you look (and feel) fresh and well put together. Avoid base products like primer, foundation, concealer, and powder, but a little eye makeup and lip tint can work wonders, just make sure the products you use are waterproof.

Fitness & Fashion Can Coexist: Pick Workout Wear That Makes A Statement 3

The fact is that fitness and fashion can coexist, it’s just a case of being selective about how you dress for the gym.


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