Step Out in Style this 2022 with these Jackets

Step Out in Style this 2022 with these Jackets

What Kind of Jackets are in Style in 2022?

The humble jacket comes in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. We are spoilt for choice, and that’s a good thing. In the past, your girlfriends would share how a family heirloom was passed down to them only to find out it is some luxe coat their grandmother wore in the 40s – chances are that it is still fashionable to this day. But if Superdry jackets are more your thing, that is fine too. And if you have no idea what your thing is, that is also fine since we’ve looked at what jackets are in style for 2022. 

Step Out in Style this 2022 with these Jackets 1

It’s got to be cropped

Every few years or so, cropped jackets pop up, and this is great. Crop jackets are funky, cool, and stylish. They are also much lighter than regular and longer-length jackets, which are often only in the way. What’s also cool here is that you can wear a cropped jacket in summer. Have an in-office meeting? Grab your cropped blazer.

Heading to a festival? A cute bolero will do. Many cropped coats can be worn across seasons, and it’s this versatility that keeps this style so popular. Throwback: In the 2000s and 2010s, cropped military coats were featured in music videos (think Good Charlotte), the catwalks, and just about everywhere.  


A style that’s synonymous with streetwear culture. Windbreakers are exactly what their moniker says, it protects you and keeps you warm from the wind.

Athleisure has evolved over the years so much so that it’s rare to see it being used in a sports environment, unless your sportspeople such as Serena Williams, Amanda Nunes, and Jamaica’s recent running star, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

We have noticed that athleisure is creeping into every aspect of our daily wardrobes, most notably, windbreakers. Look at it this way, they are functional, look great, AND will keep you dry in case of some showers. 

Step Out in Style this 2022 with these Jackets

The iconic blazer

There has not been a time when the blazer wasn’t a staple. First solely worn by men when it was first introduced in the 1800s in England. This comes as no surprise since the clothing item was worn when you belonged to a prestigious club such as a rowing club. Thankfully, it is no longer exclusive and worn by millions all over the world.

This year, we’ve seen the boyfriend blazer reappear in all its glory, and we’ve seen cropped versions too. For something different, there are sleeveless options for this outerwear, and we know that some of you are rocking them! 

The trench coat

This list will not be complete without the iconic trench coat. First worn as part of the military uniform in the 1820s, the trench coat has come a long way. It’s been around for over 200 years and thankfully is now worn for fashion. Looking for a quintessential layering piece?

The trench coat is it. Since we are still living through our favorite season, summer, don’t pack up your coat, wear it on cooler summer days with a cute dress and wedged heels, and you are set for one fashionable day. From the trench coat trends for 2022, we can grab some cool ideas from the major fashion houses. 

The introduction of sheer jackets

Picture this, you are wearing a little black dress, black stilettos, a cute black purse, black sunglasses, and a black beret. To elevate this look, there is one thing you need… a sheer jacket. These lightweight outwear items are great for any season, depending on how you style and wear them, of course. It also gives you some subtle sexiness while adding just a touch of practicality. 10 out of 10 would recommend it.

Oversized varsity jackets

You don’t have to be a Boston Red Sox player or even a supporter to sport a varsity jacket. This item has been hailed as the coolest style of the season, and we couldn’t agree more. Pair your oversized varsity jacket with a mini skirt and polo t-shirt, and voila, you are set to paint the town fashionably red. Whatever style you are into, the varsity jacket is back

Step Out in Style this 2022 with these Jackets


Some said that quilted outerwear reminds them of going to bed; well, that person has no idea about the style. Quilted jackets are an instant pick-me-up. They are stylish, come in a range of colors and styles, and are super comfortable. Pair them nicely with a black pair of riding pants and riding boots, and you have a winning look!

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