How To Choose Grey Wood Flooring For Your Home


Grey wood flooring is hot on the interior design trending list. Modern stylists can’t get enough of the fresh, clean finish it brings to our homes. Not to mention the effortless blend with décor and array of colour tones available to choose from. Rivalling the popular natural oak and dark wood flooring ranges, it’s no wonder grey wood flooring has become a strong contender in the industry.  


Will your grey wood flooring match your decor?

Perfect for all room settings, grey wood flooring literally goes with anything. It will compliment subtle colour tones to create a natural modest setting or provide the ideal canvas to showcase big bold furnishings. Mustard, orange and lime sofas seem to be the seating of choice for 2017, with homeowners racing out to purchase their statement pieces. Grey flooring looks fantastic in contrast with the pop of colour. Don’t you agree?

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From eclectic to industrial, grey wood flooring suits all.

Fitting perfectly into contemporary, modern, industrial and eclectic designs, grey wood flooring is extremely versatile.

It’s not just our living areas which ooze style too.


This contemporary bedroom setting looks amazing featuring the slightly wider grey boards. Running parallel to the longest wall, the positioning of the boards elongates the length of the room. The open space is perfect for showing the detail in the planks, whilst the minimal choice of décor works perfectly to draw your attention to the fabulous grey flooring.

Tip: To really exaggerate the knots and grains go for wood flooring with a brushed and oiled finish and a wider plank width. The oil enhances the natural features whilst a wider board provides ample space to showcase the detail. If you do opt for oil-treated flooring do make sure that you are prepared to treat it when installed and then again annually to keep it looking it’s absolute best for longer.


Solid, Engineered or Laminate?

Solid and engineered wood flooring is renowned for the incredible quality, longevity and stunning aesthetics. The addition of modern grey colouring only adds to the appeal.

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However, when it comes to laminate, we have a whole new ball game. Covering a huge range of designs, from traditional solid oak to premium hardstone tiles. The hyper-realistic decorative layer means laminate has the ability to imitate luxury designs – bringing you high-end flooring at affordable prices.

Take a peek at this stunning grey laminate tile effect for inspiration.


Grey laminate flooring is the perfect choice for those trend setters that love to remain up to date with the latest styles or homeowners that simply love a bargain. As a cheaper flooring range, it won’t break the bank if you want to replace it. Although its lifespan is impressive at 15-25 years, our inner designer tends to take over and a décor spruce up often comes round a little earlier.

Tip: Laminate is great for self-installations. The click lock system makes easy work of joining the boards so you can save on fitting costs.


So with all these grey wood flooring styles to choose from the only difficulty, you will have is selecting your favourite. As a final tip, free samples are always great for helping narrow your decision!

Are you thinking about grey wood flooring in your home? We’d love to know about the project that you are planning in the comments section below. As always if you’ve found this article of any value and you know somebody who’s thinking about getting grey flooring we’d love for you to share this with them and on social media and beyond.

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