Help! I need to make money from my blog!

This is something people ask me all the time. It’s one of those things where you’re kind of like. Right, how much money do you want to make? What are you open to doing on your site? Are you prepared to be educated by authoritative figures in the field? How can you implement new tips?

Let’s just be frank here! Making money from your blog doesn’t and won’t happen overnight. It’s not some get rich quick scheme. It’s something you need to build well over time. Think of it like a fine wine. It’ll get better with age. That is providing you continually work at it.

Don’t think you can just write a few posts and then you’re going to make a couple of hundred thousand pounds a year. In order to make, five, six and seven figures from running a blog you have to treat it like a full-time business. You have to show up and you have to build systems that work. Work when you’re at events, work when you’re sleeping and work when you’re on holiday.

Let’s make money

You have to automate every single aspect of your business so that all you need to do is write the content.

Here are my five top ways to make money (you know what, we cover every single aspect in the most in depth detail plus so much more in the ELLEfluence Academy).

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If you write or on YouTube you need to place Adsense on your site. Adsense is the advert network owned by Google, whereby businesses pay Google to advertise (this part is called Adwords). The publishers, like you the blog owner, then add code to your site and adverts based on the websites the visitor has previously been on appears in this ad space.

You receive money for the views as well as an extra bonus from the click throughs on the banners.

Affiliate Links

This is one of my most favourite ways of making money. Admittedly I learnt from one of the best in the business and every day I absolutely love checking my commissions in the two affiliate networks I’m part of; Awin and Skimlinks.

Help! I need to make money from my blog! 1

Affiliate linking is where you get paid for recommending a product or service and your reader makes a purchase through your specific link. If you are already dropping links to your favourite product, surely you should be making money from it right?

Sponsored Posts

This is probably the one which most bloggers always want to grab hold of, all sponsored opportunities. The brand is paying you to write. There are many outlets in which you can find out where to find sponsored opportunities (you’ll have to head to the ELLEfluence Academy to get your hands on our list!).

If you search Twitter though with #PRRequests or #JournoRequests you’ll usually find some good sponsored opportunities.

Selling something

This may be in the form of a product, a subscription, a course, coaching or even other services such as copyrighting or workshops. If you offer something that you niche very well in that people want, you’ll be able to convert this into sales and money.

Remember time is finite, selling is infinite.

If you’re looking for how to align your business, grow your exposure online, increase website traffic and social following then we highly recommend auditing your business. Our easy to implement guide can help you make huge improvements to your business.

Newsletter Advertising

Stop. Have you ever heard anybody tell you that building your list is so important? If you haven’t I’m telling you now! It really is important!

When you build a list of people who want to hear what you’re saying they’re also giving you permission to sell to them. Creating weekly newsletters and having brands sponsor a section in the newsletter is a great way to drive revenue, and of course, you can always affiliate link these paid promotional posts!

We recommend Mailchimp or MailPoet for your email systems.

What are your favourite ways to monetise your site? I’d love to hear them so comment below. Also if you want to know 40+ other ways on full depth how to generate revenue from your site then head to our ELLEfluence Academy for all the tools!

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  1. Ryan

    adsense is cool, but it just seems like it takes so long to hit their $100 mark and actually get some money.

    1. Elle Blonde

      Try adjusting your strategy, you know like testing different ad sizes and locations on the page

  2. Becca Talbot

    I haven’t made any money from my blog, and it’s not something I’m actively trying to do. But I would accept gifts and trials of services/restaurants etc, if they were offered to me. I think low DA is something affecting me… I think DA is a mythical beast that we’re all trying to tame – but for me, it’s all about getting creative, writing down my thoughts and feelings, sharing my stories and my pictures x

    1. Elle Blonde

      I think DA is important but far too many people get solely hung up on it. It’s not something that should be the main focus. If you interact, post regularly and are social. Maintain your broken links and focus on keeping your audience on site then you’re going to increase your DA.

  3. yukti

    Adsense and Affiliate Marketing I am using but not making money. Let’s see what happens in future as money making is very slow process through this as it all depends on views and number of viewers.

    1. Elle Blonde

      If you’re currently not making money, why don’t you assess your strategy, test out different sized ads and where you place them. I don’t think it necessarily is view dependant to be honest, it’s where you focus your engagement on the page

  4. zina

    This post is great! Too many options to select the most suitable for you. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Elle Blonde

      Hope it’s been of some value to you and your blog/business

  5. Christine

    Lots of ggod tips here for you whether you wnat to make money or not. It’s always good to get more out of something you are already doing.

    1. Elle Blonde

      Of course I’m a massive believer if you are doing something anyway then make the most of it

  6. saffi yusef

    Thanks so much for guiding me through the money process. I feel more informed now as a result and can check off the things I’ve done and those still to do!

    1. Elle Blonde

      Ah that’s great I’m glad that it’s helped you. It’s kind of a mine field out there when it comes to monetisation

  7. Via

    Thank you for your post. I was hoping to start thinking about this as a single mum right now. I really appreciate all the advise.

    1. Elle Blonde

      I hope it has been value, if you ever need any help I’m more than happy to show you what I know!

  8. Red Riding Hood

    The part about adsense was useful. Thanks

    1. Elle Blonde

      Ah I’m so glad that you got some value from this. I like adsense – it’s great if you’re on WP there’s automatic insterters too. So set it up and forget about it

  9. Abbie

    This was really helpful and something I’m definitely going to refer to when I take this blog forward with monetisation! Thanks beaut!✨♥️

    1. Elle Blonde

      Ahh I’m glad it was of some use! Hope you’re well and catch up with you very soon? xx

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