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3 Easy Tips For Amazing Fonts For Your YouTube Channel

Have you ever wondered how all the famous YouTubers with millions of subscribers create magazine-worthy thumbnails or how they add some fancy font to their YouTube videos? Well, you’re in luck. I’m about to let you into their secret, and it costs nothing (and you’ll be ready to edit in less than 5 minutes too!)

As with any form of branding whether that be for your business, social media profiles, blog and even your personal brand you want to create something different from others. Something that stands out from the crowd so that potential customers can differentiate you from your competition.

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You absolutely don’t want to be using the typography likes of Comic Sans (or anything similar) for your logo or any business assets such as flyers, mailshots and even the text you use on your website. You want to have a look at something like freebies fonts

Which is home to a whole host of different style and type fonts to suit your needs that you are able to download and install in one click to your desktop to use on a multitude of different programmes. Which means that creating stunning fonts for your business is now easier than ever. We’re going to share our 3 tips for choosing the perfect font for your business or YouTube channel.

Choose two complimentary fonts

You’re going to want to look at the juxtaposition of two different fonts. One for your main body and one for your titles and headings and accent text such as somebody’s name or perhaps the name of a place on a YouTube video. Or if you’re creating an intro you want to be using a memorable font for your branding and then a more subtle font for additional information. 

We’ve created an infographic below to show you the kind of fonts you need to think about. Try and use bold font with a more neutral font for maximum impact. It has been depicted that there are many psychological reasons about the impact fonts have on your audience.

Infographic - Choosing fonts for your YouTube channel or brand | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Make sure they’re legible

I’ve been there before, where I’ve chosen some gorgeous fonts and created an amazing piece of branding or work and then others have commented they are unsure what the text says as the font is difficult to read or ornate script. When developing your brand and choosing fonts have a few eyes give you opinions before you commit to your branding. Take on board their views and opinions and if they can actually read any ornate fonts you may be using.

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Fit with your brand

If your brand is cute and girly then you won’t want to be using army-style fonts, similarly, if you’re a car mechanic you don’t want to be using fonts that are soft and floral. Instead, think about the purpose of your brand and choose fonts to really reflect how you want your brand to be perceived by using fonts that really align with your offer. 

If you’re trying to choose which fonts to use for your YouTube channel, think about the demographic of your subscribers and then religiously use the chosen font or two with your video editing software to create a cohesive brand like your favourite celebrity YouTubers do. 

If you’re looking for how to align your business, grow your exposure online, increase website traffic and social following then we highly recommend auditing your business. Our easy to implement guide can help you make huge improvements to your business.

Are you looking to start a business or a YouTube channel and are thinking about branding but not sure where to start? Drop a comment in the section below and we’ll try and help you out. As always if you’ve found this article of any interest we’d love for you to share this article with your friends and family and across social media.

Choosing fonts for your YouTube channel or brand | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog
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