Follow These Hacks To Avoid Missing Your Important Meetings Again

Follow These Hacks To Avoid Missing Your Important Meetings Again | Business Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

If you are one of those people who often seem to forget about important meetings and have a reputation for always being late, you are in the right place. Being organized is important, not only for your business but for every aspect of your life. 

Many people find getting organized to be an unpleasant task that is impossible for them to accomplish. Well, they are wrong and this mindset will only leave them with stress, clutter, and mess. Not to mention that missing meetings and events can hurt the feelings of people around you, including your family members, friends, or co-workers. 

Finding ways to stay organized will change your life and you will cultivate a valuable character trait. Follow the hacks from this article and we guarantee you won’t miss another appointment ever again.

Mark The Meeting Or Appointment On Your Calendar

If you are one of those people who undervalue calendars, think about it twice. Whenever you arrange a meeting you should immediately write it down in your calendar. Try setting events for the whole month. This way you will have a clear idea of your schedule and see if two meetings are accidentally overlapping. 

Follow These Hacks To Avoid Missing Your Important Meetings Again | Business Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Calendars are great for productivity but this doesn’t mean they can’t look nice. There are plenty of choices on the market that look fun and stylish. You can even make a personalized calendar you will enjoy looking at. For example, if it’s the end of July make sure to purchase the August Calendar and add some lovely photos, interesting backgrounds, or even inspirational quotes to it. There are many printable calendars online nowadays, so you can choose your design and make it a piece of art. This way, you will be inspired to look at your calendar every day and enjoy writing the events down. The chances are you will never miss one again.

Set An Alarm

Most people own a smartphone nowadays and absolutely every phone has an alarm clock. However, the majority of us use it just to wake up on time. That’s a shame because alarms are great reminders. Set it up to remind you about your appointments, meetings, or various events. Naming your alarm is essential, or otherwise, you may forget the reason for setting it. 

Ask Siri

Mac’s Calendar app is becoming more popular than ever. It’s easy, convenient, and just a few clicks away. But did you know that there is an even easier way to be reminded about important meetings? You can always check your schedule by using Siri and this way you will avoid having to launch the Calendar app. 

You can launch Siri by clicking on Mac’s icon or you can use the “Command + Space” shortcut. All you have to do next is just to ask about any upcoming meetings. For example: “Do I have any plans today?” or “When is my next appointment?” It’s fun and convenient, almost like you have a best friend that always reminds you to stay organized. Nowadays technology is all around us. Why don’t you try using it to enhance your productivity?

Get A Planner

If seeing the stores full of brightly-colored planners and notebooks inspires you and puts a smile on your face, you are not the only one. Having a planner is a great way to stay organized and productive. Not only does a planner help with time management but it can also provide a stress-relief. 

There are many types of stress but most of the time we just feel overwhelmed. Your schedule may be hectic, you may be putting too much on your plate, or you have too many demands. It’s no wonder that you can’t remember everything and occasionally miss an important event. 

Just imagine how nice it would be never to worry about being late or missing something. When you have everything written down the stress automatically reduces. Planners are great because you can also schedule your self-care activities or write down your grocery list, meal plan, sleeping schedule, exercise schedule, etc. Get creative and use different colors, stickers, and pictures. Your planner can become your journal and you will love using it if it’s not for work purposes only.

Follow These Hacks To Avoid Missing Your Important Meetings Again 1

We all know that person who always seems to be getting everywhere on time, whose work is often done early, and never misses any meetings and events. Well, now that you know all these amazing hacks, you can become that person. Choose whatever works for you and make sure you stick to it. You will soon realize that you have become more focused, efficient, and relaxed. 

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