An easy way of how to apply false lashes and what style best suits you

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Eye, eye there. Whenever I meet new people they always comment on how big and sparkly my eyes are and I’m a massive believer in the way you wear your makeup really frames your eyes. Take day-to-day life for example when I’m in the house just doing work, in a hoody and running pants with my hair scrunched on the top of my head I have a naked face.

My eyes look just like everybody else’s, then when I head out to meetings or nonimportant day events I go from wearing no makeup to I’d say my day look. I look different again. A little bit of eyeliner and mascara and we’re good to go, of course not forgetting my brows, those bad lads always need drawn on and filled in. I blame my tweezer obsession for lack of real brows. The real transformation comes when I go from day to event/night makeup.

Smokey eyes

With a smoky ombre eyeshadow being par for the course in usually pink, gold or grey hues to offset the blue of my eyes, I over exaggerate my brows giving them a darker more filled in look as oppose to my lighter more subtle day look. I wing my eyeliner just life my life…winging everything. I then finish my look with a pair of gorgeous false lashes.

Pre-glued lashes are a life saver on #Monday mornings! Who agrees with us? #eylurelondon #eylure #lashes #mondaymotivation #coffee #makeuplover

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When I was getting ready for Ocean Beach the other week, I simply popped on a pair of super glamorous volume lashes in seconds to the amazement of some of the girls I was sharing a room with. Standing there in shock at how easy I made it look they told me of their horror stories and grim tales of struggling to apply them from glued fingers to the dreaded rogue lash.

First things first, slanted tweezers are an essential for application. Secondly and more importantly a great pair of lashes are a wise investment. Nobody has time for 5,000 pairs for 99p from Hong Kong. Quality over quantity any day! Whilst we’re on sayings practice really does make perfect. I’ve found a special technique that works for me. It may not work for everybody, that’s fine but practice with a pair of lashes until you master what works for you. Don’t just expect them to look perfect first time, when you do nail it though, get ready for those compliments like I lapped up in Ibiza.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve realised that you can apply lashes easily with practice and patience then you need to be able to choose a pair of false lashes. It’s imperative you choose the best style for your eye shape and to suit you. If you’re not used to falsies I highly recommend you opt for a more natural looking lash style to give you a look of lustre without being over the top. I on the other hand like to go for really thick, long lashes like this Eylure pair.

eylure false lashes elle blonde luxury lifestyle blog

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What’s great about Eylure’s site is that you can really narrow down choices based on styles such as short lashes or Wedding lashes, they even have a petite range so you know whatever look you’re going for there’ll be a pair to suit you.

I personally recommend always starting with eyes when going for an evening or glam look, if you’re using eyeshadows this is because it’s easier to wipe the fallout off your face prior to applying foundation rather than afterwards.

Start with a fresh face and a single coat of mascara on your top (real) lashes. Remove your (false) lashes from the packaging and take the opposite lash to the hand you write with. I’m left handed so always apply the right lash first. There’s method in my madness, trust me. It’s a psychological one, this eye will always look better so is a good starting point for your lash application mentality.

Step 1

Wrap the lash around your index finger and take it off after about 5 seconds to give it life. Hold in the middle with tweezers and then apply a small amount of glue all along the lash especially the ends. In true Ross from Friends style count 30 Mississippis, this will then mean the glue becomes tacky and then place the lash with the tweezers in the middle of your eye. This is where it becomes fiddly.

Step 2

From the centre to the outer edge slowly stick the lash down and then repeat from the centre to the inner lid. Once this has been firmly attached open your eye and with a clean thumb and forefinger squeeze your false lash and real lashes together to remove any gaps. Repeat for the other eyelash.

Step 3

Leave for around 5 minutes to completely dry and then add your eyeshadow primer (it’s actually essential for amazing eyes), create your eye look with your shadow, add liner and finish off with a coat of mascara on the bottom lashes only. Don’t forget to make those brows go from nothingness to wow-brow and you’re ready to apply the rest of your makeup.

How do you apply your lashes? I’d love to know, drop your directions in the comment box below.

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