Sunset Boats Ibiza – The Ultimate Ibiza Weekender Hen Party

Watching the sunset in Ibiza is one of those things that everybody who’s been, always talk about. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at Cafe del Mar. Listening to resident DJ and local lad Danny O drop some amazing beats. Or of course Lovely Laura (not me, an even lovelier Laura) sending spine-tingling notes from her sax as the sun sets on another day in paradise. On land or on one of the boats Ibiza has a strong pull on you.

Alternatively, grab some €1 boxes of sangria from the nearby shop. Some plastic cups and a bag of ice, find a deep well in the rocks and create yourself a little ice bucket. Grab the rest of your team and get snap-happy as that burning sun turns a whole host of different colours.

Credit: Infin8 Life, Ibiza

If you REALLY want to make the sunset one of the pinnacles of your existence though. Then there’s only one answer. That answer is.

Sunset Boats Ibiza.

A part of the Mambo Group, Sunset Boats launched this year and here at Elle Blonde, we had the absolute privilege and honour of being one of their first charters out on the open seas.

Grammarly ibiza-sunset-boat-elle-blonde
Credit: Infin8 Life, Ibiza

Carla, who is the organiser for the charters and all round Ibizan beauty helped organise a memory that the 9 of us on the boat will never ever forget.

You may have read about the types of cruises they offer last week before we headed away. But we certainly weren’t expecting to be as blown away as we were. We even had the honour of working with Garry from Infin8 Life to create the promotional video. Which Sunset Boats Ibiza will be using in their marketing this Summer.

We met up with Carla and Garry around 5:45 at Bondi Cafe (don’t get the energy-water it is yuk – I mean who was I kidding anyway ordering a soft drink?!). We then crossed the road past the fountain. Which the last time I was in Ibiza saw somebody get tasered for going in and another person arrested for running through the fountain. Guys don’t even bother spoiling your holiday. I’m pretty sure your hotel or villa has a pool!

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All aboard the Sunset Boat

Anyways, back to the boat, we all excitedly walked down the swaying jetty before getting on the MasterCraft 225V (for you boat fans out there). Where Carla popped the cava and then waved us on our way.

Credit: Infin8 Life, Ibiza

We headed out of the marina, left the shores of Ibiza behind us to create memories that would last a lifetime. With Es Paradise fading into the background (which is looking very tired since the last time I was in Ibiza). We headed for our voyage. As the wind was in our face and our hair danced all over as the skipper picked up speed we laughed and joked.

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Having left Newcastle Airport on Friday. Visiting Ocean Beach on Saturday and having waited all day (and all weekend, maybe all my life) for this trip. We never laughed just as much as we did on our own private charter.

Tour the coast

As the boat sped around the island’s coastline we were shown Es Vedra, Cala Bassa and La Torre to name just a few. Teamed with the skipper’s knowledge and Garry’s love for the island. They filled us full of interesting facts, showed us some places others visiting Ibiza will never get to see.

Sunset Boats Ibiza - The Ultimate Ibiza Weekender Hen Party 1

One recommendation we have, however; make sure you use the toilet before you head out on the seas. The boat is equipped with a toilet, a toilet that will provide you with the most giggles ever. If you’re taller than 5ft 2″ and scared of the dark and small spaces this toilet will be a no go. It was, however, one of the funniest experiences of our entire lives.

Sunset Boats Ibiza - The Ultimate Ibiza Weekender Hen Party 2

Spreading ourselves around the boat we all relaxed as we witnessed the blue depths of the sea. Headed into caves and even saw the most peculiar houses built into rocks which are still inhabited before we made our way around to dock in front of Cafe Mambo.

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An Ibizan Sunset

As we all headed towards the front of the boat the sky turned a beautiful orange. The music was a perfect mix of chilled out house. And as the sun dropped from the sky gorgeous pinks and purples took over from where the sky was once a burning deep orange colour. It couldn’t have been more magical. Then there was a commotion on the rocks a cheer and a splash. Some crazy fool had stripped off to his boxers and swam out to touch our boat before heading back to shore which all added to the spectacle of the evening.


Tears were even rolling down the cheeks of some of the hens. With the knowledge, they may see sunsets daily, all around the world, but nothing will ever compete to a private charter in front of Cafe Mambo. Celebrating my best friends one and only hen party (that’s because if she ever has to have another I am OUT, I’m not organising another hen party. Absolutely no way!)

As we danced and partied on the boat, drinking it dry of cava the sunset turned to darkness and it was time to head back to the marina. An acapella chorus of Country Roads took place as we sped around the bend and docked at the marina. Clambering off the Sunset Boats Ibiza boat we were sad to say goodbye. But had the most genuinely amazing late afternoon which turned into the sunset.

Sunset Boats Ibiza

Thank you, Carla and the Sunset Boats Ibiza team. Thank you, Garry, for being an amazing videographer and providing the laughs. And thank you, Ibiza for your undoubtedly most amazing sunsets. I’ve travelled the world and nothing compares to the beauty of the setting.

I, alongside the rest of the girls, would highly recommend if you’re heading to Ibiza this season with a group of friends. For a hen or stag party or if you’re about to propose to your beau then there’s no way better to watch the Sunset than on this private charter.

You seriously must check out and book Sunset Boats Ibiza. If you use the code ELLEBLONDE too you’ll receive a 5% discount. Enjoy.