Mastering The Dog Walk: A Cheat Sheet For The Rest Of Us

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Even owners with the laziest of dogs will need to take their pampered pooches out for a dog walk on a regular basis. Just like us, canines need plenty of exercise to maintain their physical fitness and stimulate their minds. If your dog doesn’t get out much each day, he or she will get bored and may even exhibit psychological problems.

The only thing is, some dogs don’t behave well when their owners take them out for a walk. Sure, you could watch experts like Cesar Millan (aka. The Dog Whisperer) and let them give you guidance and advice on how to handle your dog. But, it’s actually easier than you think to have hassle-free walks with your canine companion. So, what’s the secret? Read on to learn more in this useful cheat sheet for dog owners everywhere:

Use the right leash for your dog walk

First thing’s first; don’t even take your pooch out for a dog walk if you don’t have a good quality leash for him or her! You can’t just use any old rope you have around the house, it needs to be robust enough to keep control of them.

Extendable ones aren’t a good idea because a sudden jolt from an unlocked one could make you lose control of your dog. For some breeds, it makes sense to use a leash attached to a harness for extra grip and control, when I used to run my dog boutique Ruffwear dog apparel was one of my favourite brands to stock as they were rugged for mountaineering with your dog meaning they were substantial yet also looked great.

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Take a doggy bag with you

A small backpack is something you should take with you on any long walks with your dog. Ideally, it should have things like:

  • Poop bags;
  • Treats;
  • Wet wipes;
  • Small bottle of water and a bowl;
  • Small towel.

Taking the above items with you will ensure you are prepared for almost anything on your adventures! Some people even carry flea and tick drops for dogs if they go in areas where there is a high likelihood of pets getting infected by them. As we all know, treating fleas and ticks is better if it gets done sooner rather than later.

Reward your dog during your walks

There is nothing better for a dog than to receive delicious treats when they are out and about! Give your pooch some treats as rewards for being in a good state of mind and walking well next to you. They will realise that being a good dog means they can get rewards and are seldom likely to displease you!

Be a leader, not a follower

For some reason, many dog owners think it is okay for their pets to lead the way.

The thing is, you are the pack leader, so it’s important that YOU are the one to lead your dog! He or she should be behind or beside you at all times.


Don’t forget to take a break

Last, but not least, if you’re going for a long dog walk (i.e. more than one mile), it’s important that you and your dog take some time to rest in your journey. This is also a crucial thing to do on hot days where your dog might start to overheat and need to cool down!

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