Ensure a Parasite Free Pooch by Taking These 5 Precautions

Your dog can get very sick from parasite infestations. There are both internal and external parasites that you need to be cautious of.

Internal parasites  include:

•    Roundworm

•    Hookworm

•    Whipworm

•    Different kinds of tapeworms

•    Heartworms

External parasites include:

•    Mange Mites

•    Fleas

•    Ticks

•    Flies and maggots

•    Ear Mites

Both can be equally harmful to your dog. You need to know how to keep them at bay.

Give Your Dog a Regular Check-up

External parasites are easy to look out for. After walks or before going to bed you can check your dog’s paws and ears for fleas and ticks. Running your fingers through their fur can help you understand bumps and flakes on your dog’s skin. If you notice your dog’s fur thinning and their skin becoming flaky it might be due to external parasites.

For internal parasites, you need to get your dog to a vet. Usually, pet parents wait for their dogs to fall sick before they do so. But getting your dog’s stool tested on a regular basis can prevent dire situations. Blood tests are usually not required for tracing internal parasites.

Ensure a Parasite Free Pooch by Taking These 5 Precautions 1

Increase Your Understanding of Animal Parasites

Pet parents are usually only aware of ticks and fleas when it comes to dog parasites. There are many other parasites that can cause more damage to your pet. With a better understanding of the types of parasites and the symptoms of an infestation, you can ensure your dog’s wellbeing.

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Have a Medication Schedule

You can have a conversation with your vet regarding a medication schedule to keep your dog parasite free. There are specific medications for each kind of parasite. Only buying branded flea medication does not guarantee a parasite free pet. You need to medicate your dog for both internal and external parasites at regular intervals. Take the guidance of your vet to know which medicine is for which parasite.

Ensure a Parasite Free Pooch by Taking These 5 Precautions 2

Keep Your Dog Clean

For external parasites, you do not need to spend a ton of money on branded flea medication. You can keep your dog clean by grooming them on a regular basis. Groom your dog after walks. A flea comb can help you weed out fleas and ticks before they have a chance to spread. Dry baths are also helpful for preventing mites from spreading.

Give your dog medicated baths on a regular basis. overbathing your dog can also be an issue. So, if your dog is having any skin problems consult your vet on how frequently to give your dog a bath.

Keep Your Dog’s Surrounding Clean

Internal parasites usually come from what your dog interacts with, in their surroundings. When you take your dog for a walk try to stop them from sniffing the excreta of other animals. If you are letting your dog out in your yard, keep it clean. Your yard is the most common place where your dog can pick up both internal and external parasites. Also, ensure that the food they eat is properly cooked. Uncooked meat is a source of internal parasites.

Keep your dog safe from parasites by educating yourself.

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