10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Dog Parents

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Being a passionate pet owner is a lifestyle; this includes being a dog mom or dad. The fun (and struggle) doesn’t seem to stop. This gives people all the more reasons to shop, as today’s market is full of good finds for four-legged friends and their two-legged owners. Here are our gift ideas for dog parents.

Have a dog parent in your gift list? Here’s a roundup of practical things any pet owner will appreciate.

Air-Travel Carrier 

When one can’t stand the thought of being away from their pet. Then a pet air-travel carrier is a definite must-have. Many pet carriers have strap options best fit for suitcases for effortless airport navigation. Or seat-belt buckles that can be strapped into the car seat during road trips.

Make sure the carrier is airline approved and has plenty of ventilation for the dog to breathe. Most airlines require pet travel crates’ sizes to be equal to the pet’s length and half their leg. Providing plenty of room in front and at the back.

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Dog-Gear Travel Bag

Imagine a camping bag but for dogs. A dog-gear travel bag is an ideal item to keep in the vehicle for unexpected delays during travels or on days out with the dog.

Most dog travel bags allow storage of four or more cups of dry pet food. Plus water storage with enough space for toys, accessories, and medicines. Carry-on pet travel bags also make a suitable use as an airline carry-on.

Pet Books – gift ideas for dog parents

The best way to understand a pet is to probably see through their eyes. That isn’t difficult to do if you have the guidance of a book written by dog experts and true dog lovers. Your dog parent friend will enjoy insights from National Geographic’s dog whisperer himself, Cesar Millan. In his book, he shares stories from his clients to serve as a reminder that pet-parenting struggles are universal.

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Chew Sticks

It is every dog parent’s nightmare to see chewed-up household objects. Thankfully, there are chew toys that also double as a healthy alternative that will deter pets from chewing up items. 

For example, you can buy all-natural bully sticks. These healthy dog chews are in the form of a wooden stick and will distract dogs from chewing up shoes. You can purchase them online or directly from trusted dog-treat providers.

Decorative Doormats

Pets have the natural tendency to make a bit (or more) of a mess—whether it’s from the fur being shed or puddles of water or mud from outdoor play. Prevent an indoor mess before it starts; use microfiber pet doormats.

Choose doormats that are versatile enough to be placed where they’re needed: the car, the doorway, the dog’s crate, or even under the food bowl. Doormats also help promote good hygiene for pets and the home.

Dog-Seat Car Cover

Suitable for different car types, pet car seat covers to protect car seats from dog hair, scratches, and other damage while your furry friend is along for the ride. Choose a car cover with a non-slip backing so it stays in place even when Rover sprints back and forth between the windows. These are great gift ideas for dog owners with nice cars too.

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Dog DNA Test Kit

Parents of adopted pets are often not sure of their dog’s origins or can’t figure out the exact breed, and a dog DNA test kit is just the answer to that. Knowing the pet’s history and breed is also helpful in learning about potential health risks, sensitivities to medication, and other important factors that’ll help dogs live their best life.

Biodegradable Poop Bags

Pet waste is a big issue both for pet lovers and non–pet lovers. So in the name of convenience, dog-poop plastic bags feel like a tidy solution. But this short-term fix bears terrible long-term implications on the environment. Thankfully, biodegradable poop bags are available to help save the spread of diseases (and/or filth) while reducing plastic use.

Subscription Boxes

If you’re one to spoil your pooch just a little bit, these monthly boxes of surprise from Dapper Dog Box are all you need. Each box contains a delectable combination of chews, toys, and treats plus a limited edition bandana all curated around a fun theme. This might just be the perfect holiday present you never knew you wanted!

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Customized Dog T-Shirts

And if a tote bag isn’t enough, get a T-shirt featuring the little pup, or let the proud dog parent showcase their pride and joy with customized dog shirts. Don’t forget to remind them to snap a photo of their winning, twinning OOTD moment.

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  1. I love this! It’s such a scary time right now that we could all use some doggy gifts, LOL! I wonder if crate and carrier sellers are having sales right now because nobody is traveling. I can’t find any info about it, so if anybody has the information, please let me know!