7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas

Christmas is already on its way. In just a few months, you’ll be occupied with shopping for gifts for your friends and families. In addition to getting gifts for your family and friends, you should also consider your furry friends. 

Sure, there are plenty of things to get for them, but as it’s going to be a gift for Xmas, and we know you want to provide them with something extra special – or glamorous. 

In order to help you gather some ideas, here’s a list of 7 gift ideas that are glamorous and useful:

#1 Casual Hoodies for your Dog

7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas 1
Picture source: sparkpaws.com

The Christmas season usually comes in, bringing a cold breeze of air and sometimes snow. So, one useful gift idea to get them is a stylish hoodie that will totally give them comfort for the rest of the season. You can choose various hoodies from swag to cute styles to dress up your pets and keep them warm throughout winter.

And to make it more satisfying, you can also get a matching hoodie for yourself. It’s the cutest thing that you and your pets can enjoy. You can both enjoy the snowy roads wearing hoodies while taking a walk. 

#2 Versace Raincoat

7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas 2
Picture source: versace.com

Are your dogs fond of walking around your backyard while it’s raining? Well, you should probably get them a Versace dog raincoat with Crete de Fleur print on the back. Its 100% polyester fabric will protect your pet from getting wet while looking expensive, as you probably know that the brand name sounds glamorous itself. 

Its luxurious-looking print will surely make your dog look glamorous while doing its business on a rainy day. You can get the raincoat for your dog for $325, which can be definitely worth a purchase as a Christmas gift to show your dog your luxurious love for them. 

#3 White Pearl Leather Dog Necklace

Whether you want your dog to look fabulous or make a statement while walking it across your neighborhood, a pearl necklace will surely elevate the overall look of your dog. Its shiny white pearls will give your dog the glam that you’ll love. In addition, it’s perfect for black, and dark-colored female dogs as the glimmering pearls will stand out more. 

The Rhinestones dog necklace is perfect for giving your dog a classic luxurious look through its two layers of pearls. Additionally, its soft leather strap makes it comfortable to wear and win the best Christmas winter attire for your dog. 

#4 A Stylish Bed for Your Dog

7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas 3
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Another glamorous gift that you can give to your fur friend is the uniquely expensive Versace dog bed. Its Barocco print of gold and black design will totally give a luxurious vibe while your dog is lying comfortably on the dog bed. 

The Barocco Dog Bed is made of 86% cotton and a 100% polyester lining, perfect for providing the utmost comfort and glamour for your dog. It’s an ideal treat for your best fur buddy on a Holiday since you want to give them an exceptional treat. 

#5 Classic Gold Chain Collar

7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas 4
Image source: Sparkpaws.com

Collars are usually the first thing that most dog owners can think of when shopping for gifts. But the designs available for collars can be overrated. So, why don’t you glam up your dogs by giving them a luxurious 18k gold chain collar that will definitely make them look unique? 

This gold chain collar is perfect for elevating your dog’s fashion style and making a statement. You can partner it with the swag hoodie, and you get to enjoy the stunning look of your pet. Make your pit bulls, boxers, or french bulldogs look expensive through this shimmering gold collar. 

#6 Winter Snow Boots

7 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Give To Your Dog This Christmas 5
Picture source: Amazon.com

Who doesn’t want to play outside the snow? We are sure that your pets will never want to miss the attractive white snow outside. So, a timely gift for them is nice and comfortable winter snow boots. It’s the best treat that you can get for them to enjoy the cold season. 

Moreover, you would not want to skip a morning stroll without your best buddy, right? So get the best-looking snow boots to keep your dogs warm while playing in the snow. These snow boots are waterproof and have anti-slip features, making them perfect for a winter walk. You can also choose from various styles and designs of the shoes to match their looks. It’s worth the investment, especially if you want to keep your pets comfortable during the cold season. 

#7 Dog Spa Bathtub

The luxury of relaxing in a nice bathtub is not only for humans with this glamorous dog soaking bathtub. Your dogs’ wash time will never be the same with this spa bathtub that will surely make it fun and relaxing for them. 

If you’ve had a hard time washing your large pets, a spa bathtub is a perfect deal to make it easier for you and your dog. You can have those same-size tubs like those in the groomer’s shop to get the most out of taking care of your buddies. It’s not just a fun treat for your dogs, but it’s also a convenient deal for making the wash time quick and easy. 


Getting your dog a glamorous gift this Christmas can be rewarding, especially when the hoodie, collar, or boots fit them well. It’s the best feeling for fur parents to see their dogs looking great and comfortable. 

Although some of the suggested gifts are really expensive, sometimes it’s worth it as that’s one way to show our love for our pets. Whether we want them to look stylish or provide excellent comfort, giving them something special is fulfilling. We can show them how much we care and love them by providing them with what they need. 

Moreover, buying pets with lovely gifts is not just about them; it’s also for pet parents to feel the satisfaction of giving their pets the best gifts. The feeling of providing them with something unique is more than enough present for pet owners.