5 Travel Essentials For A Week In The Sun

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Next week I’m heading off to Tenerife with my two cousins in tow, aged 14 and 8 to go and visit my Grandma and Granda who have rented an apartment for 8 weeks in the gorgeous coastal resort of Costa Adeje. We’re heading from Manchester the three of us and after explaining countless times to my youngest cousin that there will only be the three of us and our Grandma and Granda are already out there I think he is starting to get super excited.

My other cousin who has just had trials for the North of England Ladies’ Rugby team is also extremely excited, I think just to spend some time away in the sunshine with her favourite people. As for me my Grandma and Granda are my idols, my heroes and I seriously can’t wait to see them.

When chatting to Olivia, my 14-year-old cousin about what she was packing she was telling me she was planning on purchasing her holiday essentials from Boots and it got us discussing our 5 must-have items for heading to warmer climates.

P20 Once a Day 10 Hours Sun Protection

This is undoubtedly the best sun protection that I’ve found for my blue skin which turns lobster red and then back to blue once exposed to the sun. For the last couple of years, I’ve made sure that I’ve packed P20 in my suitcase for each holiday. The easy application is perfect for all skin types and protects all the family.

Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray

After a day of enjoying the sunshine is there anything better than washing away the day’s dirt away, getting ready to throw a dress and some gorgeous wedges on, hair and makeup looking super gorgeous and then adding a finishing touch of shimmer to show off your bronzed body. Both Olivia and I picked this Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer, mainly because she’s not getting her hands on the Tom Ford Shimmer Oil! Her parents already think I’m a bad influence on her designer taste!

Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Smoothing Tool

There’s always that little holiday hair frizz that makes an appearance when the humidity increases, the only thing I’ve personally found to combat frizz is the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Smoothing Tool. It’s undoubtedly one of my favourite everyday essentials never mind my holiday essential. The magic of the creation means that whatever the temperature your blow-dry is as sleek as ever. Perfect for creating that perfectly preened look after a day roughing it up in the sun.

Boots Kids Gunmetal Sunglasses

Whilst we were discussing this my youngest cousin, decided he wanted to join in and picked his ultimate holiday essential. Of course some absolute dude aviator shades by Boots. He told us that they’d be perfect for spying on the people by the pool. To which he went bright red when we questioned him if he would be looking at all the girls! These stylish but safe sunglasses are the perfect kids choice and although on the more higher end price point for kids sunglasses you know that you’re buying quality and safety with these. Mac, on the other hand, is only bothered about looking totally and utterly cool.

5 Travel Essentials For A Week In The Sun 1

Urbanista Paris Stereo Headphones with Hands-Free in White

5 Travel Essentials For A Week In The Sun 2

Finally, the most essential item of them all. For when the kids start to bicker these little beauties come out and are firmly positioned into my ears, my music is turned up to full volume to drown out the she said, he said arguments that are inevitable when these two are together for long periods of time. If these are forgotten then I can see it becoming multiple dunkings in the pool for those two!

If you’re looking for some great value codes and savings the guys over at Voucherbox have some amazing deals with Boots at the minute.

Alternatively, why not try out wireless workout headphones?

What are your holiday essentials? Let me know what you can’t go away without!

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