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Heck Food: Make sure you check your sausages this November

November is my all-time favourite month, it’s my birthday month. It’s the month the shops turn into Christmas grottos overnight, it’s the month that the air begins to become a little crisper and the first sign of snow can be expected at any moment.Heck Food: Make sure you check your sausages this November 1

It’s also the month where men grow awful 80’s porno ’tashes in the name of Movember. For the past few years, the razors are hidden and the unsightly appearance of lip hair begins to be seen wherever you go, however, it’s all in the name of raising awareness for testicular cancer.

Family food manufacturer Heck has decided they’re in this year with an ingenious way to help raise money for vital research, spurred on by co-founder and eldest son Jamie finding a cancerous lump in his testicle at the beginning of the year. Fortunately, he caught it quick enough and we send him our best wishes to a healthy future.Heck Food: Make sure you check your sausages this November 2

I’ve followed Heck for quite some time now since first seeing them on Alex Polizzi’s ‘The Fixer’ in 2014 and often smile at their eye-catching packaging as I walk down the aisles in the supermarkets. As a vegetarian for 20 years I never really had the chance to try Heck’s sausages, however now a newfound meat eater I have been meaning to try them out for some while – especially as they’re gluten-free!

Heck vegetarian

Recently Heck has introduced a brand new vegetarian line including ‘Nuts about Cheese Sausages’ and Super Greens Balls.

Heck, who has rebranded their packers for the month of November to cHeck kindly sent me some Chicken Italia sausages to help them promote their efforts to raise £25,000 this year by donating 5% of the sales made from their popular Chicken Italia sausages.Heck Food: Make sure you check your sausages this November 3

There’s not much I can do or say apart from throwing some bangers in a pan and let them sizzle then take some lovely looking photographs. It’s up to you to do the rest….

So lads, check those sausages and ladies why not check your baps too! You owe it to yourself

Shop Heck foods and help them raise £25,000 this month to donate to research into finding a prevention and a cure for this awful awful disease which so that hopefully one day nobody has to go through.

Find out other ways in which you can help raise awareness for testicular cancer and donate to this cause here

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  1. What a fab way to raise awareness! I’m pretty sure I’ve tried original heck sausages before and they were lovely 🙂


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