The Grind (Meat:Stack) Newcastle: Burgers, Babes & Prosecco

The Grind (now Meat:Stack) | Best Burgers in Newcastle | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

The Grind (Meat:Stack) Newcastle: Burgers, Babes & Prosecco 1On Friday we headed along to The Grind (now Meat:Stack) which is a pop-up located deep inside No28, which if you’ve never had the pleasure of going to, is a quirky bar nestled above the Grainger Market on Nelson Street. It’s one of my favourite bars as the ambience is extremely relaxing regardless of what time of day you land there, it’s cosy and welcoming.

The decor is eclectic but super on trend with a mixture of textiles and period pieces teamed with chairs suspended from the ceiling and big comfy sofas and the staff, what can I say about the staff?

They all love what they do so take the best care of you! It really is a lush place to spend some time escaping the hustle and bustle of the City Centre.


The Grind (now Meat:Stack) is an all out American burger stop with No28 playing the temporary host (I can’t reveal exactly where their permanent home will be just yet, but let’s just say you won’t have far to go!).

My tagger and I arrived and were greeted by a fabulous prosecco reception and we took a seat in the gorgeous golden Queen Anne armchairs by the window as we began to chat as our faves Katie Meehan, Pixie from Fashion Voyeur and Mandy from Mandy Charlton Photography (who’s posts have me hooked daily) arrived alongside a scattering of other North East Bloggers.

As the prosecco flowed endlessly (I mean my tagger best friend who doesn’t drink kept forcing me to drink hers too…) the conversation became even more and more hilarious.

Triple Buffalo Beef Burger | Meat:Stack | Newcastle Best Burgers Dirty | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

I adore smaller more intimate launch events like the one held at The Grind on Friday evening, simply because it really is a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the fantastic company.

As we all laughed and planned how Mandy is going to release a film about Mr Adorable with the Puppies, our burgers were served up proudly by the head chef.

O H   M Y   A M E R I C A N.

I mean from being that vegetarian everybody loathed for 20 years, I am now fully submersing myself into the full meat-eating world and with one bite we all looked at each other knowingly, approvingly.

We all simultaneously looked down at our burgers in our hands, looked back up and agreed they were the best burgers. Like. EVER!!!!

The West Coast Classic was served with the best secret sauce, layered upon shredded lettuce with two smash beef patties which were made from 80% beef, 20% fat (I listened to the chef, check me out!) and were a perfectly delicious blend. They were garnished with signature relish and some American style cheese served on a brioche bun. Gluten-free buns are available upon request too!

This was a real homage to the West Coast Cheese Burger, so much so that we all had seconds! The burger was accompanied with chips. I can usually take or leave chips they’re not the be all and end all but my goodness these chips.

I cannot even begin to express how amazing they were. Cooked in beef dripping I’ve never ever tasted anything like it at all. Seriously. Like I’ve talked about my burger and chips all weekend. I can’t stop thinking about how delicious the food was!The Grind (Meat:Stack) Newcastle: Burgers, Babes & Prosecco 2

The Grind (now Meat:Stack) | Best Burgers in Newcastle | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

For vegetarians, and I speak from experience usually the prospect of a ’spicy bean burger’ which has usually been thawed in the microwave and crisped so hard at the edges you’re liable to chip your teeth on has you rolling your eyes at American burger places but fear not when I saw the vegetarian option for The Grind (now Meat:Stack).

I was very pleasantly surprised that they’re truly taking the American twist and putting their stamp on it with a Southern Fried Paneer Burger, exactly the same as the West Coast Classic but swapping the beef patties for double Paneer patties.

If you’ve never had Paneer before it’s the only cheese which derives from India. It’s completely vegetarian and is very similar to Halloumi. So vegetarians and coeliacs The Grind truly caters for you too!

The Grind (now Meat:Stack) Sides

After our double helpings of burger and chips – I mean I ate 4 beef patties, that’s what? Like a whole cow? Holy cow! Wow, that’s a lot for me to put away! I wasn’t the only one though so I don’t feel that bad….we finished our drinks and headed off.


I had an Ibiza-style party to attend afterwards but I can tell you one thing, I certainly will be back to The Grind (now Meat:Stack) the food was absolutely delicious and I mean for £5 for a city centre burger of that quality and deliciousness you really cannot argue nor can you complain!

It’s an absolute steal for even a lunchtime, but even more so for an evening meal. You mustn’t miss out on the chips either as they were without a doubt the most unreal chips ever!

The Grind (now Meat:Stack) WE LOVE YOU!

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