Hotel du Vin, Newcastle: Newly Launched Breakfast Menu

Yesterday, it was my Mum’s birthday so before she headed off to a work (I mean who works on their Birthday?!) we decided that we were going to enjoy a leisurely trip to Hotel du Vin, Newcastle to enjoy their newly launched Breakfast Menu.

I’ve been to Hotel du Vin a few times before, with my most memorable visit being somebody else’s birthday, where a group of us made cocktails in the private dining room and enjoyed canapes.

Hotel du Vin

That was an exceptionally enjoyable and hilarious evening and if you’re looking for something to do for a special occasion such as a big birthday or a hen do then the cocktail masterclass comes highly recommended – they also have an in-house Sommelier to carry out wine tasting and education if you’re not a cocktail fan.

Hotel du Vin oozes sophistication and elegance and with champagne magnums and a warm, flickering real wood fire greeting you upon your arrival you can see why it’s one of the City’s favourite retreats amongst the locals, celebrities and tourists alike.

As we heading through the cosy reception and along passed the bar area we entered the bistro which hosts breakfast (this runs from 7am until 10am daily), we chose our seat next to the wine cellar and sat down. The very friendly hostess came to take our drinks order as we perused the Newly Launched Breakfast Menu.

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Toast and pastries were served as we continued to browse and I headed over to the Country Table, which was bursting full of a veritable selection of cereals, freshly squeezed orange and apple juices and glass jars containing an array of healthy breakfast yoghurts and compotes.

I spotted passionfruit and chia seeds and in true Instagram, form headed straight for my camera. You know in my attempt to show solidarity for being, healthy?

Suitably taken with my images I returned back to my seat and grabbed my spoon to dig in. As I had my first mouthful of the chia and passionfruit I was in heaven, it was so fresh and delicious. I almost didn’t want it to ever end! The selection was plentiful and included yoghurt and fruit, fresh fruit salad and granola.

Perfect for a light breakfast or for those who are clean eating. Alternatively, if you’re like me, they’re a great start to your breakfast while you warm-up for the big event.

Breakfasts at Hotel du Vin

As I finished my Chia and enjoyed my piping hot green tea,  the Birthday Girl indulged on toast and coffee. Our breakfasts arrived and although originally opting for the Salcombe Cock Crab and Scrambled Eggs.

I discovered that there was no crab in the kitchen so had quickly changed my order to the Traditional Breakfast and I wasn’t disappointed (although I had skipped on the black pudding – I’m not quite brave enough for that, I don’t think I ever will be).

My sausage, tomato and large mushroom arrived perfectly positioned beside my poached eggs with a runny yolk, just the way I love them and the most delicious bacon I’ve ever had in my life. My breakfast was completed with, of course, brown sauce!

My Mum had also opted for the Traditional Breakfast but held back on the eggs (she can’t stand them!) we both tucked in and enjoyed our hearty breakfast. It was filling, but absolutely delicious and I enjoyed every single mouthful.

The breakfast menu is extensive and with healthier alternatives, there’s something for everybody. The haddock omelette and the avocado are on my list for next time, along with the Salcombe Cock Crab of course! If I wasn’t gluten intolerant I’d be all about the banana and Nutella pancakes, though. They sound absolutely delicious. You know me, self-confessed Nutella addict!

Hotel du Vin is open 7-10am for breakfast and I strongly advise you check their new menu out. It is to die for!

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