Keep your home termite-free all year round with these 2 strategies!

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Pests inside the house are nothing but a nuisance. But every individual does not take the problem seriously. Termites may eat away the home’s furniture, insulation, foundation, and pool liners. Even worse, many house Insurance policies do not cover the structural damage resulting from pest issues. Effective and quick treatment is necessary when termites affect your property.

When you notice signs of termite infestation, it is time to take immediate steps. The article provides a comprehensive guideline for getting rid of the pest problem and identifying these issues as early as possible. If you are serious about your property and its overall maintenance, it is vital to take the help of professionals.

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Keep your home termite-free all year round with these 2 strategies!

Addressing termite infestation

Homeowners and business owners spend a considerable amount of money yearly fixing the damage from termites. If you go by statistics, the number is increasing every year. To avoid these problems, you must start treating the house as early as possible.

Two common categories of termites infest houses in the world. These include subterranean termites and dry wood termites. Both these species are dangerous to the house, but each requires different treatment. Therefore it is fundamental to know the type of termite affecting your property and address the issue as early as possible. Each termite category needs a specific treatment method.

Doing away with dry wood termites

Dry wood termites nest inside and feed on wooden structures. These might have wings and are varied in terms of colour. From light brown to deep yellow, the colours change. These are larger than the subterranean termites, and these insects may grow up to half inches.

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A coastal warmer area is ideal for the natural habitation of dry wood termites. These species live in minor colonies and thereby feed upon your wooden furniture. The typical treatment method appropriate for dry wood termites includes the following:

  • Boric acid is one of the conventional pesticides homeowners and entrepreneurs use to treat their properties infested with termites. These can kill the termites by dehydration. Pelican Pest Control near Baton Rouge uses this approach carefully. Whether indoors or outdoors, you must keep your pets and children away.
  • You may also use neem oil and orange oil. These are significant oils that work as organic insecticides. These are available in distinct quantities in different online and offline shops. You can use this in minor amounts, which will help you out. However, you must be cautious when applying these solutions to the affected area.
  • You may eliminate the problem of dry wood termites by drilling holes in the wood where you feel the termites have made their nest. You may fill these holes with antiseptics and other solutions to finish the problem once and for all.

If you need more than the above methods to help eliminate the problem, it is time to get in touch with professionals. Pest control services are available both online and offline. You may consider professional extermination agencies, which are available in different regions. These have distinct approaches to the issue. 

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Get in touch with them to understand more about their services and how you can grab the best possible results.

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