The Best Ways How To Spot Fake Models On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a very reliable and trustworthy platform. However, as with all platforms and social media applications, there are people that break the rules. One scam that’s become very common on OnlyFans is the creation and spread of fake accounts. With that said, OnlyFans has introduced strict measures requiring account verification before funds can be withdrawn, which has reduced the frequency of these accounts.

Fake accounts are accounts run by individuals that post the pictures and videos of other people, claiming them as their own. This allows people unconnected to the person that the photos belong to profit from them.

This article will tell you how to stop fake models when you are using the OnlyFans platform:

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Ranked Accounts

One very effective way of avoiding fake models is to only interact and subscribe to OnlyFans’ highest-ranked accounts. According to this link, those accounts are Riley Reid, Jessie Buns, Fit Sid, and Amber Jade. The most popular accounts change all of the time, however. Other popular creators include Bhad Bhabie and Bella Thorne.

By sticking to popular content creators, you don’t have to worry about falling victim to any sophisticated scams. If you do have any concerns about a content creator, then it’s often a good idea to check out lists and independent rankings to see if the account you are questioning appears on any of them. You can also use websites like Reddit to research content creators.

How To Spot Fake Models On OnlyFans

Social Media

More often than not, genuine OnlyFans creators will have social media accounts also held in their stage names. Browsing a content creator’s social media page will clarify whether or not they are who they purport to be. If a creator has millions of followers on social media and posts pictures there, then it’s safe to say that they are genuine.

Another indicator of whether or not a content creator is genuine is if they have received a blue tick on Instagram. Because many OnlyFans creators are veritable celebrities, Instagram grants them verified status, along with authors, film stars, and social media personalities.

Direct Contact

Most OnlyFans content creators will respond to your messages quickly, as long as they are relevant and appropriate. Some creators won’t respond if you ask them for personal information or to meet up in real life. Others may. All will respond if you message them with something that’s pertinent to their account or content.

You can also use alternative platforms for communication, video chat bazoocam english, a platform where it will be immediately clear that you are communicating with a person because it is a video platform.

If you want to find out whether or not you are engaging with a real person, then reach out and spark up a conversation. If you receive actual responses that aren’t automated, then you’re talking to a real person. Establishing that you aren’t dealing with a bot is a very effective way of determining whether or not an account is genuine.

Account Verification

OnlyFans is going out of their way to stamp out fake accounts. This is because fake accounts give the platform a bad reputation. The platform has introduced very strict verification measures, including biometric scans and proof of identity. While it is technically possible to still create a fake account and bypass these checks, it is difficult.

If you have any concerns about an account’s validity, then you can go ahead and reach out to OnlyFans. They can tell you whether an account is verified or not. If you think that the account should be investigated further, then they can do this for you.

How To Spot Fake Models On OnlyFans

Regular Content

Another indicator of an account’s authenticity is whether or not regular content is provided by it. In addition to that, if a content creator offers custom content, then you don’t have to worry about whether or not they are genuine—they most definitely are.

Custom content is something that’s offered by many OnlyFans creators. Some creators also offer users the ability to meet them in real life, for a fee. This kind of thing is prohibited by OnlyFans, but most content creators have their own websites where you can make these kinds of inquiries. It’s best not to make them on OnlyFans.


Finally, if a content creator collaborates with other creators, then you don’t need to worry about if they are authentic or not. Simply by virtue of meeting up with other creators and making custom videos for their audience, you can rest assured that they are who they say they are. Collaborations are becoming very popular on OnlyFans, especially among female content creators. You can also sometimes request collaborations, although this can cost a lot of money.

How To Spot Fake Models On OnlyFans

If you are an OnlyFans user, then you need to go out of your way to avoid fake accounts. Fake accounts are usually operated by con artists or criminal gangs, that want to steal peoples’ money. An effective way of determining whether or not a person’s photos are real or not is to run pictures through a reverse image search. If they come up elsewhere, then they likely do not belong to the account that is selling them.