11 Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado

11 Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado

So, you have finally decided to or are thinking of moving to the beautiful state of Colorado. Well, there are many good reasons one would make such a move.  And there’s a high likelihood that you’ll enjoy the place.

The great thing about moving to Colorado is that it has a culture that’s so unique. And this gives it a distinct character. That’s why many people have flocked to the state over the years. Plus, every city is equally unique in its own way. So, it’s worth doing some research into what your prospective city of residence is all about to have a better understanding of its culture and heritage, among other things. For example, to find out more about why Golden could be the right city for you, here’s the full article detailing all you need to know. 

That said, here are some things to know before you make your move.

11 Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado

1. It Takes Time To Adjust To Different Altitudes

Colorado is a place with various altitudes. So, there’s a chance that if you’re not used to different altitudes, you may need some time to adjust. It’s common for altitude sickness to occur, but it just takes some getting used to. Don’t pressure yourself if some symptoms such as a headache or nausea show up. Just make sure that you stay hydrated.

2. Coloradans Are All About Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyles

While some Coloradans don’t mind the sedentary lifestyle, most people value a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re all about fitness, or if you’re an outdoor person, you’ll fit right in!

3. You May Have To Learn How To Ski

At some point, you’ll have to learn how to ski. The people of Colorado enjoy this activity. If you don’t have experience with skiing, fear not. All you need to do is learn how to do it. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on all the fun. A word of caution: make sure that you monitor your budget, as it can become an expensive sport.

4. Craft Beer Is Commonplace

You should know that craft beer is popular in Colorado. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Colorado is home to many craft brewers. There are craft beers everywhere. If you’re keen, you could try to visit some of these breweries for tours or just to taste them. For the beer lover, this is pleasant news.

5. Low Property Tax

If it counts for anything, Colorado probably has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country. However, since the houses are quite expensive, this may not be as relevant. The more expensive a house is, the more tax you’ll pay.

11 Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado

6. Homes Are Expensive

The housing market in Colorado is quite hectic. The reason is because of the high demand and low supply of housing in the state. Therefore, houses are quite expensive. However, most Coloradans can afford to buy these houses because their average salaries are quite decent. So, before you come to Colorado, just know that finding an affordable house won’t be easy.

7. Marijuana Is Legal

Colorado has legalized the use of marijuana for a while now. This could be welcome news for those who indulge in it. Marijuana use is a culture that has taken root ever since it was legalized. However, before you use marijuana, know that there are still some rules governing how you consume it. So, you may have to look this up, and find out what the regulations of your county or residential area stipulate.

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8. Rapid Weather Changes

The weather tends to change rapidly. One moment it’s blazing hot. The next day, you notice that some light snow is falling. Therefore, you have to be prepared for every season by getting a suitable set of clothes for all of them. So, stack up on jackets for fall and winter because it can get freezing. Also, in hot seasons, you want to have a bottle of sunscreen at all times.

9. The Job Market Is Growing

Colorado is said to have experienced significant growth over the past years. Thus, the influx of people into the state. Consequently, this has led to a boost in economic activity, leading to job growth. As a result, Colorado has become one of the most diverse and active job markets. So, if you’re in the job market, Colorado is a good place to consider. Plus, because of the easy-going culture of the state, it’ll be easy to find a good work-life balance.

10. The Food Scene Is Coming Alive

Now, people can generally agree with the fact that food is essential to living. But, in Colorado, the food scene is taking a huge rise. There are plenty of cuisines coming into the market and a variety of menus to choose from. If you’re a food lover, you’re certainly going to enjoy Colorado. Restaurants are scattered around the state, particularly in Denver where most star chefs have their restaurants.

11. Arts and Culture Are Getting Popular

Some Coloradans have a taste for art, and an increasing number of people are seemingly taking an interest, too. Art events are mostly held in theaters, most of which are educational. The arts and crafts industry is seeing a boom because of the general trend toward promoting arts, heritage, and culture across other areas of the country.

There are a variety of museums in the state which you can visit. The Denver Art Museum in particular is known to regularly host exhibits. Therefore, you can expect more exhibits there in the future.


Colorado is a great state with a unique flavor.  And if you’re planning to move to Colorado, make sure that you understand how this move may affect you financially. You will have to make some adjustments to fit in. Just do some proper research when looking for the right accommodation. Remember, you may need to contact some people for guidance. 

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