How to Create a Healthy Company Culture When Working Remotely

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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, many things have changed in personal and professional life. Most important to businesses were the changes to working conditions; alongside government directives to work from home where possible, remote working solutions were fast-tracked into place by many companies, and this impacted company culture, however it’s important to understand how to now shift this company culture to thrive remotely. 

Remote Working and Morale

However, remote working has not only been something of a necessity in recent months. It has also emerged that flexible working conditions are amongst the most valued workplace benefits by UK employees. According to a survey by poster printing specialists instantprint, flexible working location was a desired workplace benefit by around a third of UK workers. 

Of course, remote working has its unique challenges – and despite the positive reception by your workforce, working from home could be masking larger issues with company culture as a whole. So, how do you engender a healthy company culture while you and your team work remotely from one another?

Freelancer | A guide to setting up a business for start ups and first time entrepreneurs | Business Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

One – Establish Trust

When working remotely, it can be hard to demonstrate your dedication to your team. Building trust can be a key way to reverse this; by holding 1-on-1s with individual staff members, and using regular surveys to ensure staff are happy with workflow and processes, you can ensure that your staff trust you and your leadership.

You should also bear in mind that trust is a two-way street. Just as you can engender trust from your staff cohort, you can also take steps to demonstrate that you trust your workers. You will already have exercised this somewhat, with the introduction of remote working and the self-discipline on behalf of each employee that comes with it. But you can take this further, by allowing employees greater autonomy to manage their own workload.

Two – Transparency

A positive company culture is a transparent one – but transparency can be naturally difficult to manage when your team are only connected via digital channels. Ensuring staff are all kept directly in the loop with larger company movements can keep them feeling involved, while professional messaging apps like Slack enable you to build channels for departments and teams – and create open channels for social communication without barriers.

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Three – Digital Teambuilding

Building on the merits of open communication, you can actively facilitate a social atmosphere through the judicious use of teambuilding exercises. By putting time aside to enable employees to converse with one another in a group setting, you can improve their collaborative skills and ensure everyone feels part of a cohesive whole.

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