How To Get Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring And Summer

How To Get Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring And Summer

It’s time to say another warm welcome to longer and sunnier days as spring and summertime beckon even closer. It’s time to put those heavy winter boots away, unplug your heating blanket, get rid of your warm and fuzzy clothes, and get your wardrobe ready for warmer seasons. If you’re like most people, you probably have a list of outdoor activities already lined up, and your wardrobe needs updating to ensure you have the appropriate attire. Here’s how to upgrade it for spring and summer.

Get rid of the clothes that no longer fit

It’s been several months since you wore some of your summer clothes. Truthfully, you may have changed over that period making it impossible for your summer clothes to fit the way they should. So, the first thing you want to do is start going through your wardrobe to find the summer outfits that don’t fit anymore and get rid of them.

How To Get Your Wardrobe Ready For Spring And Summer

But don’t limit yourself to your summer clothes only. Take the time to give your entire wardrobe a good decluttering. The thing about this exercise is you can find clothes worth reselling (buy new clothes) or give to the less fortunate so they can enjoy the warm weather too.

Take an inventory of the spring and summer outfits you have left

After getting rid of the clothes you can’t wear anymore, take stock of what you have left. Do you have just enough for your planned summer activities? Do you need to shop for more outfits? Are the ones you have out of style? Questions like these will help you know if you should start making new purchases or are good with what you already have. 

Get your season essentials

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing new spring and summer outfits, you need to ensure that you have some basic summer essentials in your wardrobe. For example, items like white T-shirts, strap sandals, a carryall tote bag, a pair of blue jeans, and white sneakers are must-haves in the season. These are pretty much general essentials, so include specific summer needs, depending on your plans. Don’t forget your essential accessories and hair!

Sunglasses and stylish hats are a must-have during the warmer season. For your hair, be sure it gets some good pampering after the cold weather. If you fancy a fresh new do, consider visiting professional salons such as Vixen and Blush for stunning natural-looking hair extensions to give your hair a hot new look.

Reorganise your wardrobe

After taking your inventory and getting the items you need for the season, it’s time to reorganise your wardrobe. Start by cleaning the winter outfits you no longer need and store them away properly. Then, rearrange your wardrobe so that your summer and spring clothes, such as your t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, pants or mini-skirts, etc., are closer to reach, right at the front of your wardrobe.

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You can also bring your flats and sandals to a more reachable location and take your winter boots to the storage space on top of your wardrobe. This prevents you from messing up your wardrobe or misplacing items. 

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