5 Reasons to Vape

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Vape | Quitting Journey - how to stop smoking and try vaping instead | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

There can never be an excuse against relaxing but there are several reasons why we might want to. One way to do it is to insert a ccell into our vaping device. This will give us the hit we need and the cloud of vapour that everyone will recognise as us enjoying ourselves. It can be as comforting to see others enjoy themselves as it is to relax oneself. That is what life is about. With vaping, you can enjoy yourself all day long, as well as vaping between productivity, and using your vaporizer as the tool that re-energises you for the next task.

So, here are some reasons why we should vape, with relaxation at the forefront of that thinking.  


The number one reason why people vape is to help them relax. As batteries are recharged, humans can also be re-energized. None of us are superhuman, so sometimes we need that boost to carry on. We all desire to achieve maximum efficiency because that is what is expected of us and it is what we expect from ourselves. So, relaxing is important to consider when it comes to us performing at our best. 

Quitting Journey - how to stop smoking and try vaping instead | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

To be Sociable

It might seem strange to talk about vaping and being sociable in the same sentence but in reality vaping is seen as far more sociable than smoking ever was. It is something that groups can partake in and know that they are not harming each other’s health, or indeed their own, in the way smoking continues to do.

Safer Than Smoking

There is now a lot of evidence that smoking carries many health risks. Conversely, vaping eliminates health risks. If you smoke right now, perhaps even when reading this, all we are asking you to do is consider switching over to vaping. This will avoid the need for you to give your currently guilty pleasure up altogether. It is about compromise on all sides and considering the healthier option.

The risks to smokers are well known and feature as prominent health warnings on cigarette packets. It can be amusing, in a serious way, to see cigarette packets warning how dangerous they are but see people continue to smoke them close to those messages. It makes little sense. We all feel like going up to that person and repeating the message on the cigarette packet for them, but it would be rude to even contemplate that. So, as a society, we continue to promote vaping in favour of smoking through articles like this in the hope that the message filters to as many people as will listen.

Reduced Cost

Vaping is a cheaper form of smoking if you define the vapour cloud in that way. A vapour cloud that is certainly less of a pollutant than that produced by tobacco burning. That contains just too many toxic chemicals to want to have to think about.

Not to digress about the issue of cost, it is cheaper to re-fill one vaporizer than to buy lots of cigarettes. So, it is a relevant budget consideration to think of this cost implication when deciding between the two. Every family budget could benefit from the generation of extra cash due to wise thinking. When vaping serves the same purpose as smoking, in that both are relaxing, and can deal with nicotine addiction, it makes sense to make the switch sooner rather than later. Ccells can be recommended to give you the hit of nicotine you will still crave.


In terms of value for money, each drop of e-liquid will last for around 7 puffs. This makes 2 drops equal to 1 cigarette, which has 14 puffs to it. This would suggest that vaping is better value for money when you consider how many cigarettes you would get through before someone vaping would need to refill their device.


For fear of making a few reasons into several, there is just one more point worth mentioning concerning the reasons why people vape. It is in the variety of flavours available to them.

Apart from distinguishing between PG and 50/50 e-liquid used in devices with atomizers above 1.0 ohms, compared to VG e-liquids used where resistances are below 1.0 ohms, we also have the flavour to think of. The types of flavours available to choose between will include fruit, tobacco, drink, dessert, candy, and menthol. Within these categories are thousands of choices. These include individual flavours and blends, with titles as exciting as the vaping experience itself. Creativity within the vaping industry is high.

Quitting Journey - how to stop smoking and try vaping instead | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

So, many reasons to vape, and fewer reasons not to, when compared to smoking.

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