8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings

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Married couple Wedding shoes | 8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings | Wedding Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Satin ribbons are a beautiful way to make your wedding day extra special and unique. Satin ribbon chair decor can create an elegant backdrop or make the bride feel like she is walking down the aisle. A ribbon backdrop can set off photos beautifully, while ribbon table decor will add a pop of color to any dinner setting. You can even use satin ribbons as tiny bouquets for your guests! The possibilities are endless when you have such lovely material in your arsenal.

Wedding shoes | 8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings | Wedding Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Satin Ribbon Backdrop

Perfect for a behind-the-top table, cake table, or as a backdrop for your photo booth, the ribbon is a great way to add a pop of color (and fun!) to your space. Try to choose double face satin ribbon to make it look luxurious or adding in some glitter ribbon for a shimmery effect. 

A simple way to create an elegant backdrop is by hanging your ribbons off of curtain rods. Add length as necessary, then hang the rod from hooks screwed into the ceiling (or use wire if you are working with limited space and cannot drill).

One great idea for a Wedding is DIY embroidery hoops filled with lovely fabric scraps cut into narrow strips that were hung up on string across one side of the room, creating a beautiful gallery wall that also served as a stunning backdrop for photos!

Ribbon Chair Decor

 What are your thoughts on this elegant lattice ribbon seating decor, complete with matching floral bouquets? With such a stunning design in the backdrop of your event, there will be no need for empty seats!

Make the bride and groom’s chairs more special by using ribbon decor. Alternatively, you can use bulk ribbon to deck out your whole set of chairs or just accent a few to be less expensive.

Wedding seating | 8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings | Wedding Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Ribbon chair decor is a great way to add visual interest and detail to your event. It can also be used not only for weddings but events of all sorts! You’ll need ribbon pieces (either bulk rolls or lengths from the craft store), scissors, tape, embroidery hoops, and some floral bouquets.

Place Settings

Make your dinner napkins more attractive with pretty ribbons. A great way to wow your guests with ribbons is by using calligraphy to place their names on the ribbons.

Ribbons can also be used for place settings. Choose a color scheme that matches your event, and wrap up each plate with an appropriate length of ribbon.

Table setting at wedding | 8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings | Wedding Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Satin ribbons are also great to use as napkin rings! This is especially lovely when placing the table setting on a large centerpiece like a cake or floral arrangement because it will give the whole setup more dimension.

Satin ribbons make fantastic flower wraps! Wrapping paper-white roses in thick satin create stunning centerpieces with long-lasting flowers at their heart. If you want something less expensive than fresh flowers, try using silk flowers wrapped in coordinating colors of ribbon instead!


Want to have a dreamy photo booth at your rustic wedding event? How about something like this? The shiny ribbon makes the perfect backdrop for outdoor and indoor event decor! Photo booth backdrops can be made to match your wedding theme and colors by using satin ribbons or a fabric of your choice.

The ribbon backdrop is also great for creating an elegant photo booth with the help of some hanging chandeliers! The bride, groom, and their guests can take pictures under the glittering crystals during cocktail hour or while they’re dancing at the reception- it’s sure to create memories that will last forever.

If you’re looking for something even more elaborate than our simple ribbon backdrops, try adding a long row of shimmery curtains hung from ceiling fixtures instead of traditional drapes to accentuate your venue space as well as provide ample room for taking photos.

Satin bows are lovely when used at wedding events.


One of the most elegant ways to use ribbon in a wedding is with a stunning chandelier made from double-faced satin ribbons. For those looking for budget-friendly party decor, ribbon chandeliers make magical additions to any celebratory occasion. So, be it for your small ceremony or if you are planning to throw a baby shower for mommy-to-be with a ribbon chandelier that’s very cute on almost all decoration occasions.

Ribbon chandeliers make excellent additions to wedding decoration and can be used as decorations for banquets, ornaments. It is not just the weddings that are decorated with ribbons but in other occasions too, like christening parties of babies where ribbon chandeliers go well with the venue and theme of the event.

Ceiling Decor

One of the best ways to use satin ribbons in a wedding is to create amazing ceiling decor. If you’ve been searching online for a trendier centerpiece decoration but don’t want to overspend, satin ribbons are the best decorations. This will provide you with some ideas that are fresh and interesting for your upcoming event! Ceiling decor is the best way to use satin ribbons.

Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are a traditional decorating tool in Western cultures, which is similar to mandaps for Indians. Inspired by this gorgeous green wedding arch, the mandap on a traditional Indian-style wedding is adorned with marigolds and jasmines. The beauty of this installation has been amplified with the addition of gorgeous doubled faced satin ribbons!

Wedding arch |8 Beautiful Ways to Use Satin Ribbons in Weddings | Wedding Tips | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Table Decor

Table decor can not only add beauty to an event, but it also creates a wonderful atmosphere for guests by adding surprise and delight. It is mesmerizing How these pink, orange, and lemon-hued ribbons are working together to create an exquisite table set up!


The best way to use satin ribbons in weddings is by incorporating them into what people already know. These ideas are perfect for those who want their wedding to look beautiful and elegant without going over the top with more traditional decorating methods. Are you looking for a new, fresh take on ribbon backdrop or table decor? If so, then these tips will be sure to help! All it takes is thinking outside the box when it comes to using your favorite color-satin ribbons-and we can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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