Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nipple Rings

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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nipple Rings

Nipples are the most sensitive organ of the human body and since time immemorial, nipple piercing rings have been commonly observed in crowds. Usually denoted as sex symbols, they are said to increase the sexual gratification level from a partner. 

To satiate a female, even Kama Sutra suggests penile piercings and to gratify a man’s sexual needs, nipple and vaginal piercings seem to be the perfect weapons of choice. 

Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nipple Rings

However, the fact is grosser than the fiction always.

Why masses dislike nipple piercings?

Men hate it secretly when having sex, since it inhibits free movement and might also cause unnecessary injury, which is never a part of anything ever in the first place. Not all women love a pierced penis similarly.

When asked, most men do not find it necessary. 

Above all, many argue, as to how nipple rings can arouse anyone’s feelings or even help the process in any way. 

Neither can a nipple ring help a perfect orgasm happen any sooner. 

Thus, using it as a sexual instrument is almost always not possible. 

Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nipple Rings

Besides, during the sexual process, women have often reported rupture of the nipple, injury, bleeding, visiting the doctor and unnecessary pain above everything else.

Going by the data, it does not seem to help any process and if beautifying means adding up nipple rings, then it surely must be a choice of your own. 

Maintaining a nipple piercing is not very easy since they are….

–     Prone to frequent infections, and you need that extra time to keep the area clean.

–     If you’re breastfeeding you need to open the nipple ring, clean the pores carefully and then breastfeed the baby. But a hungry baby does not know all that, and you might miss out opening it in a hurry. This small negligent act can choke your baby and thus, is certainly not advisable.

–     Nipple rings change the way you dress and often people miss dressing normally.

–     If your piercing is fresh, it might close off sooner than you realise, lest you open the nipple ring for more than a few days. Often it comes off as a burden than a blessing surely.

–     People often complain of tingling pain in the area, which is not healthy for a normal body, of course.

–     Some people claimed an increase in the size of the areola after they started using the nipple rings. But then it seems to be more of a myth driving the show.

–     Nipple rings can cause a skin burn when being put on a defibrillator to prevent a heart attack, even if the AED operator is experienced enough.

Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nipple Rings

–     The nipple ring might bring in rashes, and allergic reactions and that might need treatment apart from leaving ugly marks on the skin of your breast.

–     Finally, it affects your interest in sports and also your sleeping activities, nonetheless.

So many reasons are cited by people when asked, why they secretly despise the nipple rings. Off late, temperatures are soaring, with famous Hollywood faces, posing with their stunning nipple rings but still, to be precise, it is not so much a turn on, as many other piercings are.

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