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5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention

After years of saving, you finally decided it’s time to make your luxury home dreams come to life. To be honest, nothing compares to the feeling you get when you finally buy your dream house. However, before you get to the sweet part of settling into your new home, you’ll have to go through quite a bumpy road. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 1

Although it’s very easy to fall in love with the oceanfront houses in Sydney or the elegant homes in Melbourne suburbs, the record high property prices are here to make you snap out of it. And if you’re planning on building, once you add all the permits, council approvals and documentation into the equation, you’re looking at a lengthy process that might deplete all your life savings and then some. 

Now, this may sound discouraging especially to first-time home buyers, but once you find out more about the luxury home builders Melbourne residents turn to nowadays, you’ll see that all is not lost and you can move into the house you’ve always dreamt of quicker than you think. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

The Luxury House Builders Melbourne Residents Can Turn To 

Property prices may be constantly on the rise in Melbourne, but so are the new housing solutions that are redefining prestige. When you think of luxury, usually the first thing that comes to mind are those traditionally built houses sitting on the bayside suburbs. However, the prestige property market extends far beyond said ‘burbs. You can have a luxury residence built literally anywhere thanks to luxury home builders who specialise in modular housing solutions.  

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 2

Modular homes are prefabricated constructions that consist of several modules. These modules are built in a factory to about 90% completion and then the installation is completed on-site. But wait, how can something that’s built off-site in a factory be prestigious and in accordance with your vision of luxury? Well, some of the luxury house builders Melbourne residents turn to offer bespoke modular homes built around your individual requirements. 

And if you’re wondering whether these modular homes are of good quality, you should know that they’re made in accordance with strict building codes with high-quality building materials and high-end home finishes. If you aren’t sure whether a modular luxury construction is the right choice for you, get ready to have all your doubts cleared.

Luxury Houses Made Affordable for Everyone

The first thing people ask when it comes to housing solutions is whether it’s cheaper to build a house or buy modular. Thing is, modular homes are mass-produced and luxury home builders get their materials in bulk, so you can expect to pay around 20% less for a modular luxury construction compared to its site-built counterpart. In addition, since modular homes are built off-site, the cost of labour is also significantly lower. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 3

If you’re running on a tight budget but still don’t want to compromise on luxury, modular homes might be the right choice for you. Some of the premium home builders Melbourne wide offer an opportunity for your house to be built backwards from your budget to create a design that fits your constraints and budget like a glove. With fixed cost from the moment you sign the contract, you can sleep with peace of mind that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Significantly Lower Monthly Expenses

Even if you manage to scramble enough money for the down payment of a traditionally built luxury home, it would be foolish not to take the “invisible” costs into consideration. Talking about sky-high utility bills, upkeep expenses and maintenance emergencies not everyone can afford. However, that’s not the case with modular luxury homes. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 4

These luxury constructions are built to passive design principles to maximize year-round comfort and reduce your running costs. Modular homes have significantly lower heating and cooling requirements because they’re utilizing the location, orientation, and building layout. What’s more, they’re more airtight than traditional site-built homes which makes them incredibly energy efficient. 

The passive design principles alone can cut your utility bills in half, but if you’re looking to save big bucks in the long run you can buy a modular house equipped with a solar panel system and produce your own energy.

Modular homes also bring maintenance expenses to a minimum because everything from light bulbs to flooring is made to last. The construction of some modular homes nowadays is so strong that it could withstand winds up to 280km/h. In addition, they’re highly earthquake resilient and there’s little to no chance that this type of construction would collapse during seismic activities.

Improved Quality of Life 

When it comes to luxury homes, looks aren’t the only thing that matters. A little known fact about modular homes is that they can vastly improve your quality of life. Those passive design principles mentioned above aren’t just good for your pockets; they contribute towards a healthier living environment. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 5

Since modular homes take into consideration the location and orientation to make the best possible use of natural daylight, you get to obtain all the amazing benefits that the sun has to offer. Exposure to natural daylight is linked to a lower risk of depression, a stronger immune system, improved sleep and the list goes on and on. 

In addition, modular homes can also lower your risk of respiratory diseases thanks to the safe and eco-friendly materials used in the production process. Materials used in luxury modular homes don’t release toxic materials such as VOCs, radon and lead into the air. Moreover, they’re equipped with cutting edge fresh air systems which keep other pollutants away from your space.

Another great benefit that’s often overlooked is that you get to live in a noise-free environment. The airtight construction and superior insulation keep unwanted noises outside whereas the sound-absorbing materials used inside prevent sounds from propagating through walls.

Reduced Environmental Impact 

It’s no secret that traditionally built luxury homes come at a high environmental cost. Since the volume of construction waste generated worldwide is already causing safety and environmental concerns, you might want to join the good fight and opt for a modular luxury home instead of a brick and mortar mansion. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 6

With 80% less waste than traditional construction methods, modular prefabrication is the most sustainable and eco-friendly way to build. Plus, since most of the work is done off-site with no heavy machinery involved, modular homes don’t add up to the alarming amount of carbon emissions produced by the construction industry.

Your Dream House Done in Less Time 

On average, a traditional construction takes around 7 months to build provided that every stage from permits to actual construction runs buttery smooth. On the other hand, modular homes can be built and installed within 12 weeks of receipt of the building permit. That’s because there aren’t any weather delays, transport of materials and machinery or multiple parties involved. 

5 Reasons Why Luxury Modular Homes Deserve Your Attention 7

Top-rated luxury home builders offer a fixed timeline for design, construction and delivery, so you can start planning your life from the moment you sign the contract. It’s also worth mentioning that the company can coordinate all stages of the building process from council approvals to demolition which reduces the chances for any unnecessary delays.  

Like what you’ve read so far? If so, you’re now ready to start your hunt for luxury home builders Melbourne wide.

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