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3 Benefits Of Having A Sober Coach While Living In A Sober House

Sober coaches are like fitness trainers but for addiction. You can hire a sober coach at literally any point of your recovery; during rehab, while living in a sober house, or when you’re just living your normal life. You don’t have to be knee-deep in addiction to have a sober coach.

Sober coaches provide you with that extra motivation you need in order to break free from the shackles of your addiction. If you’re thinking “Well, anyone of my friends can stop me from drinking, why do I need a sober coach?” Then here’s why:

They Provide Support For Getting Sober

Addiction recovery comes with a lot of challenges. During recovery, people tend to isolate themselves because of the stress and overwhelming process of recovery. They drive people because of a number of reasons. It might be that they don’t feel understood and heard, or they feel embarrassed or it can be any reason.

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But this isolation is not only limited to the time period in which you are receiving recovery treatment.

Once the recovery phase is over, the challenges are not. Finding a job, making up with your family and friends and getting back their trust, trying to maintain sobriety, so many things are going on at once and it can tend to be really overbearing on one’s mind. The natural reaction is to isolate oneself from everyone from the fear of being disowned or hated.

During recovery, a sober coach is a companion, someone people can rely on and someone who can motivate them to push through the hurdles of recovery. While after recovery sober coaches are there for that day to day motivation to see that the person does not cower away and isolate themselves!  

They Help You Identify Addiction Triggers

According to research by the American Psychiatric Association, people get into substance abuse due to early life trauma, stress, a sudden shock or loss and for recreation, which gets out of hand. There is no hard and fast rule as to what might or might not be a trigger and it can get really difficult to identify the triggers of addiction of a person.

Everyone has different triggers and rehab is not just about getting rid of addiction physically but the cause of their addiction needs to be addressed. 

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Addiction ends but triggers don’t. Once people get back to their normal lives they will come across those triggers and might be in danger of relapse. Now what sober coaches do is monitor a person really closely, whether the person in recovery or adjusting back into life, sober coaches identify their triggers and help them overcome those triggers. 

Help During Relapse 

Let’s face it, nobody recovers completely without a relapse. Addiction affects your mental and spiritual health so much that you grow weak and it is possible to have a perfect sober streak of a few weeks or months but something happens and it all goes down the drain. This can happen even years after recovery. Anything can trigger a relapse whether it’s a major shock or a minor inconvenience.

During recovery, there can be multiple relapse stages. Now having a sober coach with you will really help you lift your spirits and give up. Whether it’s during recovery or afterwards, sober coaches provide a sort of real-time addiction support and can really help a person get through a relapse phase before it turns back into addiction. We all need a friend every once in a while, in this case, a sober coach! 

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A person will come across many tempting situations where they can easily get away with substance abuse or drinking, that’s why sober coaches are really important both during recovery, after it or sometimes years after recovery. They can provide real-time support, a therapeutic listening approach, day to day motivation and even fitness plans or meals to help a person stay sober! 


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