The Advantages Of Getting a Piercing At a Tattoo Phuket Studio

If you are thinking about getting a piercing, you should have in mind a couple of things. Many people decide to do the process with an amateur piercing gun because it is cheaper and faster to find.

But this is not the best option for you. Professional tattoo and body piercing artists suggest you think twice before going to suspicious piercing artists.

Sometimes a tattoo parlor isn’t the first place that pops into your mind when thinking about piercing your 3-year-old daughter’s ears. It can happen that you are passing in the mall and see a person standing with a piercing gun and decide to just get it done.

There are many risks involved when you allow an unskilled person to pierce a part of your body. So what are the advantages of spending a little more and get a professional piercing? If you want to read more about this, follow the link

Eliminate the risk of infection 

Phuket piercing shops take care of the sanitation constantly. The most essential thing in these types of shops is that there is no infection or disease transmitted between customers.

Because nowadays, everyone can get a piercing gun, and, likely, the operator isn’t quite sure how to properly use it. Although they may clean the sharp needle, the area around it still could be infected and transmit infection.

What is more, these types of operators don’t have to maintain the same restrictions about health care as the ones at tattoo shops. Whenever you are changing or doing something on your body, be sure that you are safe and in a sanitary environment.

Implementing hygiene practices is one of the most important things every professional tattoo artist has. The high level of cleanliness is essential to every tattoo shop.

Getting a piercing at a tattoo studio in Phuket | Body piercing | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Easy and pain-free

If this wasn’t enough to think twice about going to the mall to get pierced, consider that piercing guns can be dangerous, mainly when not used properly. Since everyone can get this type of tool, you can only imagine how much of the operators are not adequately skilled to use it.

While piercing you, they can use a higher force than needed and damage the skin around the spot. This can lead to severe infection and inflammation.

Professionals at a tattoo shop are skilled and use only a sharp needle. This type of procedure eliminates the risk of your surrounding area to be unnecessarily damaged or, even worse, infected. The process will allow your skin to naturally heal, plus it will be less painful than piercing with a gun.

Save money 

You might ask how. Well, there are a lot of cases where someone pierced by an unprofessional operator comes to a tattoo artist and asks to fix the damage done.

This way, you will pay in two places and end-up healing a lot longer than you should. Fixing a bad placement of the piercing can be done. But tattoo artists usually suggest that the former piece of jewelry is removed and then the hurt area left to heal.

After that, you will need to re-pierce. Keep in mind that you will be provided with the perfect plan for healing and taking care of your jewelry at a professional tattoo shop. Aftercare is of great importance for speeding the recovery of the pierced area.

Getting a piercing at a tattoo studio in Phuket | Body piercing | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Peace of mind 

Although you can fix a crooked piece of jewelry or bad placement, it can’t be a good experience to wait for a month to see your final result.

It is a stressful process, especially if you have been tricked in the first place while piercing. That’s why it is highly suggested you put your jewelry in a professional shop. That way, you know you will be in the hands of a professional, and you won’t need to worry about the final results.

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“Standard” Size of the piercing gun

Not everybody has the same earlobe size. Piercing guns come in a standard length, so sometimes when someone has a thicker earlobe, it is harder to wear the new jewelry if the place starts swelling.

If you can’t wear your earring right away, the place will heal and close the pierced part, thus forcing you to go and pierce it again. This sounds like an annoying job, so that’s why it is better to go to a professional Phuket tattoo studio.

They have different styles depending on the thickness of your earlobe. This will allow your ear to heal faster and pain-free. If you are considering piercing, for professional and quality tattooing shops, you can see more here.

Better quality of the jewelry 

Although this is not something you think of first when deciding about piercings, it is quite an important step. The first jewelry you will wear will be on an open wound. So, think about the quality of the used material.

If it has terrible quality, it can stop the healing process or at least slow it down. This exposes you to the risk of irritation, which afterward can lead to infection. This is not something you want at all.

Professional artists that work in a tattoo shop usually use stainless steel for the jewelry. This will allow you to successfully and adequately disinfect the earring and wear it again. No damage will come to the steel.

You won’t need to worry about ear irritation nor infection. Sounds good, right?


The great advantage of going to tattoo shops is that they offer professional advice. You can visit them and ask them about prices, aftercare, and basically everything you want to know. They are trained to follow a certain protocol that allows a safe piercing procedure. Learn more here.

Scheduling a consultation will give you peace of mind and see the working environment of the shop. A lot of tattoo shops suffer from the old stereotype about these types of shops. But actually, these professionals offer not only a positive experience but also great customer service for all ages.