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5 Signs Of Bad Compressor You Should Not Ignore

An air conditioning system is an essential appliance that keeps your home cool during summer months. As its daily operation ensures a cooler home, it is important for your unit to be efficient at all times. However, just like other appliances, some components may refuse to work because of over-usage. Your AC compressor is one of the parts that you should always keep in check. Know the signs of a bad compressor and hire an AC repair technician to perform thorough checks. Your air conditioner might be on the verge of breaking down because of a bad compressor. 

Signs you have a bad compressor and it’s failing

Your unit blows warm air

Air conditioners are supposed to provide you with cool air. If warm air instead of cool air is coming from your unit, it is a sign of a problem that requires professional attention. You can detect early signs of compressor failure by referring to the manufacturer’s manual. It should tell you where your compressor is located. You have to start inspecting your unit by turning it on. Check if the fan is blowing. Locate the compressor and find out if you hear any noise, which indicates that the compressor is in operation. 

If you do not hear any noise at all, it means that the compressor is not working. However, you should also keep in mind that just because the compressor is turning on does not mean it does not have problems. There are other aspects you have to look into. An air conditioner that blows warm air is a sign that your compressor deters your AC refrigerant from flowing. You will need a professional AC technician in this situation. 

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Loud and strange noises

A compressor that is in operation will make noise but if you hear any strange noise, it means that there is something wrong with the compressor. A bad compressor will sound louder than usual. You can also hear a rattling sound which is an indicator that the fan of your unit has become loose. An AC compressor that makes louder noise needs the attention of an AC professional so it undergoes further diagnosis. The problem might have to do with the system. The electrical component of your air conditioner might also be failing if you hear a rattling noise. You will need to contact an AC technician when this problem occurs. 

Leaking AC compressors

Your AC system needs a constant check-up so you will know if some of its components are leaking. A failing compressor will leak refrigerant and it is a problem that you cannot afford to ignore. Be sure not to come near the leaking refrigerant and allow a professional to handle the problem. It is dangerous to expose yourself to AC refrigerant without wearing any protective gear. Professional technicians can handle this situation as they have the skills and equipment to diagnose the problem without putting themselves at serious risk. 

Decreased airflow

Just because your air compressor turns on and is not make any rattling noise does not mean that it is working properly. There are other signs that you need to watch out for such as reduced airflow. When airflow has become weaker than normal, it only means that your compressor is no longer working as it used to. Unless you call a professional AC repair technician to check your unit, the problem will get worse once you keep on operating your air conditioner. 

Home Improvements | How to style your home for better moods | Home Interiors | Elle Blonde Luxury Lifestyle Destination Blog

Tripped electrical component

Another sign that your compressor is failing is when your circuit breaker trips. This common issue is due to the strain you put on your compressor. An overused air conditioning unit can use more energy to stay in operation. This practice can damage your compressor. You AC needs to be working especially during summer months. If you found out that the circuit breaker has tripped, you need to call a technician right away to check the source of the problem. A failing compressor is one of the reasons for a tripped circuit breaker.  

The compressor allows your air conditioner to work efficiently when you need cool air the most. Once you notice signs of trouble, you should schedule an appointment with Big Mikes Appliance to address problems with your compressor right away. Your air conditioner can keep you and your family comfortable around the clock if it is working perfectly. 


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