Just How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Hen Party?

Hen do parties have become exceptionally popular in recent years. More so than they used to be. The Hen Party (or bachelorette) is held as a celebration for the woman who is about to get married. Typically the Hen Party is attended by women only. And although no men are usually allowed, often if the Hen has gay friends, they are invited to the bachelorette. It’s often asked how far in advance should you plan a hen party?

With plenty of planning going towards the party, a date (or dates) and venue is chosen. The bride’s friends are invited usually by the Maid of Honour. Traditionally the hen party is supposed to come after the stag party.

How early should you plan a Hen Party?

It is exceptionally important to plan the hen party in a reasonable time frame. Depending upon the location of the party it is recommended that for hen parties abroad you give around 6 months planning. This is to allow hens to plan time off work, childcare if necessary and prepare their outfits and spending money.

For hen parties in the UK, anything from three months to a month prior to the event should be sufficient time. Do remember that not everybody is in the same financial position as each other, so it is advisable to plan in enough time so everybody can participate.

Just How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Hen Party? 1

Why you should plan a Hen Party early?

The last fling before the ring involves quite a number of different planning elements. For this reason, you will need to plan in advance for your party. So that it runs with no hiccups or drama. If you don’t think that you are able to plan the party alone you might need to call in help from the other bridesmaids or friends. If you’re looking for hen party activities then Celebrate Just Right is ready for all your hen’s needs.

Here are some advantages of planning the hen party early;

Help hens to get organised

If you plan a hen party well in advance you will be able to help the hens invited to organise their schedule so that they are able attend. This will also give you a much better idea of numbers attending before you confirm bookings with restaurants and final prices of excursions.

Cheaper travel

If you’re planning the hen party well in advance you will have an advantage of flights, trains and even taxis and cars at a cheaper price. This also applies to the venue too, if you book a venue early enough like Glamping Hen Party in the North East, you may be able to get a discount. Just ask when booking, the worst they can say is no!

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You can make adjustments

If you’re making plans early enough it gives you plenty of leeway for plans changing. By having enough time to plan a hen party and organise in advance, if plans do happen to change at least you’re not going to be left last minute trying to save the party.

You will be able to make replacements

Sometimes friends fall out, people’s situations change and on some occasions, people are no longer to attend. In some cases, such as hen parties abroad the price will rise if people drop out so it’s important to know in advance so that you can find replacements to attend the hen party instead.

What you should not do when planning a Hen Party

These are the things that you keep in mind when planning a hen party, and probably avoid;

1.  Don’t be too extravagant

As we said earlier, you’re unaware of everybody’s financial situation. So when you are planning for a party you should not be too extravagant. It is not the be-all and end-all of everything. If you’re the bride planning your own hen party you might need that money somewhere else as you prepare for your wedding. Stay within your means, you can still host an amazing and unforgettable party without breaking the bank.

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2.  Do not involve too many people

Sometimes too man cooks spoil the broth. When there are too many people it often becomes more difficult and cliques split off. Sometimes the fewer the people, the better. When you have too many people attending it may take longer to plan or you may even be able to make any plans at all. Due to different people having different preferences.

Just How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Hen Party? 2

3.  Do not cater to too many people

Remember the hen party is for the bride and regardless of numbers, everything should be about her. You are unable to just cater to all the attendees’ requests. If you decide to cater to more people than you can handle it may cause some frustration.

4.  Do not rush when planning.

It is important that you make your plans in advance. This will give you a good time to book transport and accommodation without very little worry or hassle. In fact, booking early often attracts a discount, usually saving the whole party money. Planning early also is important due to you being able to make changes and adjustments such as location or even guest list. So that nothing will affect the hen party.

Just How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Hen Party? 3

Hen Parties are now considered a very important part of the wedding preparations. Especially for the bride to share final memories with her friends before she gets married. The party is traditionally supposed to be held after the stag party. Tradition also suggests that both parties (the hen and stag do) are celebrated around one month before the wedding.